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namuk Store Arosa
Haus Belmont
Poststrasse 83
7050 Arosa
Phone +41 76 686 49 48

outdoor clothing for kids, designed and developed in Switzerland

namuk is not only available online and in selected stores, but also in our local namuk store. There you have the opportunity to see our entire collection, talk to us, ask us questions. The best thing is to bring the kids, the more colorful the better.

namuk, that's us

namuk was born in the Swiss Alps with a mission: to let kids discover nature with all their senses and experience it without a care. Today and tomorrow. 

Today, by equipping them with innovative, durable, and fashionable clothing that can withstand any force of nature. 

And tomorrow, by striving to kindle a love of nature in our children.

namuk’s founder is Franz Bittmann, who brings to the start-up more than 20 years of experience in the textile industry. He and his team have developed long-lasting children’s clothing since 2016 and deliver new innovations to the market year after year. As parents of active children, namuk knows exactly what kids want: hard-wearing, thoughtfully designed and, above all, truly kid-friendly outdoor clothes that unite purpose and fun. namuk headquarters is located in Wetzikon in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. 

Franz and his team firmly believe that children thrive best in nature. So it's a shame when little explorers have to go inside after a short time because snow or water has seeped into their overalls. Our goal is to let kids play, completely unburdened – without cold hands or wet feet, without worrying about going home with a hole in their pants – in other words, to live out adventures outdoors with the carefree sensation of freedom.

That’s what our name and logo stand for. The owl represents freedom and wisdom and conveys a sense of security. “Owl” in Javanese is “manuk”: We liked that name, so with a small adjustment, voila! “namuk” was born.