Nature Experiences

Arosa. Pure nature.

Arosa is a paradise for nature lovers and is home to a diverse flora and fauna. Whether fishing, bird and exploring the colourful flora and fauna - Arosa takes you on a great journey through our most precious asset - NATURE.
Hirsch in den Wäldern von Arosa | © Veit Fritz
Biwakieren auf dem Berg | © Veit Fritz

A night out in nature

An ultimate nature experience! The participating guests experience a wonderful hike through untouched nature and observe the elegant wildlife. In the evening, they go up the mountain to bivouac. Here you will spend the night under a starry sky. In the morning you will return to the village.

Date: upon request 079 414 44
Costs: CHF 165.00 per Person
Participants: 2 -4 


Deer, roe deer, foxes and many other wonderful animals live in the mountain world of Arosa. Sometimes you can see the animals already on the trip to Arosa. To observe these magnificent animals respectfully in the wild is an absolute highlight for many nature lovers. A guide takes you to exactly these majestic creatures and provides you with lots of interesting information.

Steinbock mit Dorf | © Veit Fritz

Wildlife Oberservation

An evening hike with fantastic rewards. In the evening you will go with an expert in search of the animals of the wonderful Grisons mountains. Observe the majestic animals and experience their behaviour in the wild. Animal lovers will especially love this excursion.

Dates: June -  September
Costs: CHF 60.00


Fishing is a relaxing pastime with delicious rewards. People have always fished in the seas, rivers or lakes. Fishing is also possible in Arosa. In Arosa no Swiss fishing licence is required. No cantonal patent is required for the Upper and Lower Lakes.

Regenbogenforelle im Bergsee | © pixabay


The fishing patents are available at the following sales points:

  • Arosa Tourism
  • Boathouse at the Obersee
  • Restaurant Strandbad at Untersee
  • Cantonal fishing licence:

A cantonal patent is required for fishing in reservoirs, Schwellisee, Älplisee and streams.
This can be obtained online from the following address:


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The plant world in Arosa is varied and beautiful. No wonder, if you want to learn more about them. During guided tours of the Alpine Garden, guided hikes and lectures, participants learn more about the plants of the Alps.

Alpengarten Führung | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Guided tours Alpine Garden

The Maran Alpine Garden is home to countless different plant species that have adapted to the conditions in the mountains in their own way.

The Maran Alpine Garden, at an altitude of around 1800 metres above sea level, is home to around 500 vascular plants.  The 4000 square metre Agroscope experimental station can be visited freely during the vegetation period.

The Alpine Garden is in hibernation. The next guided tours will be held in the summer months of 2022 on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm.

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Alpengarten Maran - Flora und Fauna | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Lucky Stone Trail

In 2016 the "Glücksstein-Trail", the new circular route to the Alpine Garden with display boards was opened. Along the theme trail, five habitats, which can also be found in the garden, are picked up again, allowing visitors to compare the beds with their natural surroundings. The quiz on the circular trail is a special attraction for children.

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Grueensee-3.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Mushroom picking

In the beautiful nature of the Arosa mountains you can find many different types of mushrooms. Searching for the hidden mushrooms in the deep forests of Arosa is a great experience for everyone.

However, there are a few rules that must be observed. Mushrooms have a closed season that runs from the 1st to the 10th of each month. During this time, we ask you not to pick mushrooms. Outside the closed season, 2 kg per person per day are allowed. With these measures, we can continue to benefit from the plentiful variety of different mushroom species in the future.

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They fly high above us and with their beautiful plumage are wonderful to look at and observe. Birds are interesting animals that are easy to watch. A walk through the forests of Arosa is enough to discover many different birds.

Vögel beim Eichhörnliweg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Squirrel trail

On the squirrel trail there are not only squirrels, but also many birds. With a little patience and a few nuts, these little animals will even fly onto your palm. There are several birdhouses along the way, which makes it really easy to watch the animals.

to the squirrel trail

Weisshorn Sunrise

Before dawn, you start the trip to the summit with the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car. You will reach the Weisshorn summit in time and enjoy a fantastic sunrise with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains. Afterwards you will be spoilt in the 360° panoramic restaurant Weisshorngipfel with a sumptuous summit Z'Morga. What better start to a perfect Sunday?


Weisshorn Sunrise

Date: 22 August - 24 October 2021 (Sundays)
Costs: Adults CHF 60.00.00  / Kids CHF 35.00
Inclusive: Gondola ride and brunch buffet
Reservation and info: T +41 81 378 84 02.

(TOPCARD holders or Arosa Lenzerheide annual season ticket holders only pay for the brunch buffet (CHF 32.00))

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During a half-day outdoor course on Thursday mornings, the children gain their first insights into biology, zoology, physics, astronomy and geography in a playful way. How are the colours of the rainbow arranged? How do I find out what the mountain peaks near Arosa are called? Which alpine flowers are protected? Do the bears only eat meat or are they even vegetarian? These and many other phenomena are demonstrated or explained with simple experiments in nature.

Arosa is full of science

The sustainable and sensitive handling of the alpine basis of life serves as a model and the academy would like to contribute with its offers to the protection of animals, nature and ecosystems. The adaptation of the level to the respective previous knowledge ensures an entertaining and informative learning success. Initial offers are initially aimed at locals, holiday guests and school classes. Later on, professional groups such as gamekeepers or tourism professionals will follow, who will be offered training and further education opportunities.

Further information can be found in the Arosa Bear Land, the Arosa Nature Laboratory or at Arosa Tourism. We would be pleased to accept your registration online or at the guest information desk at Arosa Tourism.

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