Investor Relations

Arosa Bergbahnen AG

Cable car companies take on an increasingly important role as service providers within the Alpine tourism sector. It is no coincidence that cable car companies are considered the driving force of the Alpine economy. Understandably, people recognise the key supporting role of such enterprises within the system. As a shareholder of Arosa Bergbahnen AG you actively contribute to the snow sports region of Arosa Lenzerheide and back the development of tourism in Arosa. We are extremely grateful for your support!

Share Data

Arosa Bergbahnen AG shares can be traded at the Cantonal Banks.

Nominal value: 100
Shares issued: 156'138
Market capital in million: 25.00

Master Data
Country: CH
Industry/Sector: Traffic and Transportation
Currency: CHF
Type : Share
Stock market: BEK
Symbol : –
Valoren-Nr.: 143093
ISIN-NR.: CH0001430930

Next General Assembly of the Arosa Bergbahnen AG
26 September 2020

Share Price per 31.12.2019
CHF 86.00/Share


Kindly find below the annual reports and financial statements of the Arosa Bergbahnen AG for your perusal and to download:

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