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Sustainable leisure activities are dear to our heart. Upon arrival and during your stay our public transport system will bring you comfortably everywhere. During the winter and summer season there are plenty of activities that have no negative impact on nature. Arosa has been awarded the “Alpine Pearls” label in recognition of its efforts in environmental and climate protection. It is an honour and a promise at once.
Napa schläft | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Arosa Bear Sanctuary

Animal protection in Arosa: animals from poor living conditions can spend the rest of their lives in an animal appropriate habitat at the Bear Sanctuary. The Arosa Bear Sanctuary will be the new home for five bears starting in summer 2018.

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Regional Products

Numerous restaurants in Arosa offer culinary delicacies with local products from the region. Why not try game meat from the local hunters during fall, a tasty cheese fondue with cheese from the Alpine cheese factory in winter or simply enjoy the crusty bread from one of our two bakeries every morning for breakfast? Needless to say that you can find many regional products in our shops and markets to be prepared and enjoyed in your home.

Electricity from regional hydropower plants in Arosa

The product "Arosa Energy" consists of electricity from the regional hydropower plants in the Schanfigg valley. The power plants in Litzirüti and Lüen produce renewable energy from domestic water from the Plessur River. Thus, most of the electricity used in Arosa and the Schanfigg is generated by the renewable and CO2-neutral resource hydropower.

Arosa Energie
Stromtankstelle  | © Nina Mattli

Electric Service Stations

Since July 2016 the underground parking Brüggli provides two charging stations where two vehicles can simultaneously charge with up to 22kW. In addition to e-cars, e-scooters and e-bikes can be charged too. The electrical supply is sponsored by the municipality and is provided free of charge for the time being. A charging vehicle solely needs to pay the cost for the parking garage. Furthermore, additional charging stations can be found in the parking garages of the following hotels: Blatter's Arosa Hotel, Sunstar Alpine Hotel Arosa, Hotel Arlenwald and Tschuggen Grand Hotel. Refer to the link to find out the location, opening hours and rates for non-hotel guests.

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Travel by Train...

The Arosa railway slowly winds its way down through Chur, past the Stadtmauer, Malteserturm and Obertor, the landmark of the Bündner capital. But the city stroll on rails does not last long. At the city boundary, the Arosa railway changes into the mountain railway and winds its way through the wild Schanfigger valley up to the well-known resort Arosa. On the only 26 km long track the train climbs over a thousand meters.

According to the RhB Company, the train runs on electricity from hydropower since its beginning in 1914. The railway from Chur to Arosa was built from 1912 until 1914.

By the way, the train route Lüen-Castiel-Arosa and retour is included in the Arosa Card during the summer and in the winter it is included in the ski and hiking pass.