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Tradition. Customs. Innovation.

Modern culture, first-class hotels, traditional gastronomy - this is the full inspiration for your senses. In castles and churches you will discover the treasures of Lenzerheide's history. In the alpine town of Chur you will encounter modern art and stimulating cultural offerings. We will even show you how we make the famous Bündnerfleisch and our cheese.

Museums, Castles and Churches

Did you know that Graubünden used to consist of individual «Bünden»? The mountain ruins of Belfort, the museum of the Barons of Vaz and the local museum of Zorten tell you about this period. They and the many historic churches give you an insight into the life of earlier generations.

© Ortsmuseum Vaz/Obervaz

Museum Vaz/Obervaz

Capuchin fathers worked in the old rectory in Zorten from 1663 to 1933. Now you can reach the Vaz/Obervaz Museum there.

How did people live in the past? How did the holiday region of Lenzerheide come into being? Here you can learn all about tourism, sports and traditions of the community.

Art by well-known national and/or local artists is on display in the Sala Parpan gallery. A separate exhibition is dedicated to the works of the Parisian artist Ferdinand Parpan.

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Galerie Pesko Lenzerheide | © Galerie Pesko

Galerie Pesko

The place for fashion, sport and contemporary art. The Pesko Gallery offers many national and international artists a platform for their works.

Galerie Pesko, Plaz da Posta, 7078 Lenzerheide
T +41 81 385 10 14

Cultural routes – in the footsteps of time

In the Lenzerheide holiday region, churches, castles and other cultural treasures bear witness to early trade over the Alpine passes. The historic route of the Upper Road ran from Chur via Lenzerheide to Tiefencastel and from there over the Septimer to Chiavenna. Learn more about the culture of the region on the cultural and chapel trails of the region, or the long-distance hiking trail «Via Sett».

Cultural Trail «Voia Culturala»

From Vazerol to Brienz/Brinzauls

Between Vazerol and the ruins of Belfort Castle, you can explore the new cultural trail «Voia Culturala». On information boards, it tells you vivid details about the culture and history of the region.

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Via Sett

From Chur via Lenzerheide to Chiavenna

The Septimerpass is the centrepiece of the culture and long-distance hiking trail. In Roman times, it was considered one of the most important Alpine crossings. The long-distance hiking trail Via Sett leads completely along the historic route: from Chur via Oberen Strasse over Lenzerheide to Tiefencastel and via Septimer to Chiavenna.

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More cultural trails, more adventures

Writing new stories on old tracks

The tour portal is your window to history. Follow in the footsteps of the Baron of Vaz. Or enjoy the view of Chur and the Chur Rhine Valley on the Roman connecting path over the Churer Joch. The Eggatobel bridge leads you onto the Julier and Septimer routes.

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The name Origen is Rhaeto-Romanic and means genesis, origin, creation. Accordingly, the programme of the festival is a commitment to the cultural power of a trilingual region which thrives on cultural exchange. The cultural organisation Origen is responsible for the annual Origen Festival of Culture and primarily dedicates itself to the promotion and production of professional contemporary opera.

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Bahnmuseum Albula

Learn exciting facts about the building history, the economic and social changes caused by railway construction, as well as current aspects of the most spectacular Swiss railway line by means of original exhibits and multimedia designed rooms.

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