Lenzerheide Ranger

The helpful information officers in the holiday region

In 2020, Lenzerheide became the first holiday region in Switzerland to launch a ranger programme. Originally conceived as a one-off campaign, the Lenzerheide rangers are now an integral part of the holiday region.
Lenzerheide Ranger | © Sundroina Pictures

Our Lenzerheide Ranger

While in the first phase the focus was on sensitising guests to the Covid 19 measures during the corona pandemic, the role and task of the Lenzerheide rangers were constantly expanded and developed so that today they are on the road as helpful information persons in the sense of optimum guest care.

Peter Florjanski – Lenzerheide Ranger | © Sundroina Pictures

Peter – Lenzerheide Ranger

«As I love working with people and always enjoy the personal interaction, the vocation as a ranger is the perfect complement to my daily work and every smile from the guests is the best motivation.»

Daniel Ciapponi – Lenzerheide Ranger | © Sundroina Pictures

Daniel – Lenzerheide Ranger

«30 years ago, I fell in love with this beautiful region as an «Unterländer». As a ranger pioneer, giving our guests unforgettable moments makes me very proud. Coming as a guest and leaving as a friend – that is our goal!»

Peter Rietmann – Lenzerheide Ranger | © Sundroina Pictures

Peter – Lenzerheide Ranger

«It gives me great pleasure to bring our breathtaking nature closer to our guests – big and small. I like to help where I can so that everyone feels good in our beautiful holiday region.»

Contact Lenzerheide Ranger

Our Lenzerheide rangers will also be happy to help you by phone.

Lenzerheide Ranger | © Sundroina Pictures
Lenzerheide Ranger
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