Summer, Sun, Sunshine

Live the now - enjoy being

Long days, warm nights - summer is the time for outdoor adventures. Search for new places and hidden highlights. Simply being and finding peace is possible here. Where have you rediscovered being?

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The lightness of gravity

This waterfall will take your breath away. And will surprise you. The stony surfaces create a unique backdrop. The many small caves are waiting to be visited.

Summer is so bright

That's what you dream of. A fireplace with a panorama. For you, your family or friends. You feel the warmth of the fire, your gaze wanders into the distance. You see Oberhalbstein, Mon and Stierva. Wild nature all around you. Your perfect summer day.

On the heels of history

Do you know how the holiday region of Lenzerheide came into being? How people lived in the past? The «Senda Cultura» tells you. On 21 panels, in one piece or in stages. Come along the adventure trail «from the Maiensäss to the popular holiday region».

Hike in the wild forest.

You rarely see a forest like this. Different types of forest mingle on 120 hectares. Spruce, mountain pine and Scots pine. Old wood, dead wood, young growth. In the natural forest reserve around the Crap Furò, you look into another world.

Values. Change. Resistance.

Historical engineering. The Paunt della Dieschema is your bridge to another time. It supported trade routes until the 19th century. It bridges a topographical obstacle. Thanks to the art of engineering, it overarches encroachments of nature. First mentioned in 1597, it still defies time.

Bull's eye: the barbecue area

Your barbecue area in an elevated location. Get into the panorama cable car Heidbüel, get out of the daily routine. The small meadow by the lake - it's all there. But you can't swim in this lake. The unique location makes Heidbüel a tip for charcoal artists.

The best of two seasons.

Cheese-making and tobogganing in summer? Yes. The Tschugga Parpan restaurant shows you how it's done. In the morning you start making the cheese. Afterwards you get a taste at the tasting. Does a full belly drive you too? Try it out - on the 1.5-kilometre descent to the village. Please make sure you book in advance for this experience.

Mountains. Glaciers. Lakes.

Your gateway to Switzerland's largest nature park. From Lantsch/Lenz you climb steep mountain peaks and roam through vast landscapes. Surrounded by glaciers and mountain lakes, the park offers you a real wilderness feeling. In the valleys, historic villages and baroque churches remind you of the past. They tell you about the importance of the trade routes over the Alpine passes.

Ruins. Castles. Ancient treasures.

Travel back in time. Explore the history and hidden treasures of the high valley. Perhaps you'll stumble across something undiscovered in the castle ruins of Belfort and Nivagl? Historical buildings have many secrets. You want to know more? Ask a guide who knows the area. Tip: Let them tell you the story of the barons of Vaz/Obervaz.

The legend. The World Heritage. The gorge.

In Solis you can see something. The Solis Viaduct is part of the Rhaetian Railway UNESCO World Heritage Site. Right next to it you can see the small stone bridge over the Schin Gorge. 89 metres below, the Albula flows into the Hinterrhein.

Historical craftsmanship and important treasures

Do you appreciate the value of old craftsmanship? Then the regional churches will inspire you. Marvel at the masterfully carved, late Gothic winged altar in the parish church of St. Calixtus. Admire the forged grave crosses of the Marienkirche Lantsch/Lenz.

Compensation. Silence. Petri Heil.

Fish for happiness. In the breathtaking morning hours. Or let yourself drift into the afternoon. You will find peace and relaxation on the waters of Lenzerheide. Alone or with your family.

From a Maiensäss to a health resort

Capuchin fathers lived here from 1660 to 1933. Now the Vaz/Obervaz Museum invites you on a discovery tour in the same house. Immerse yourself in the living history of the community. Then you will know how a Maiensäss became a health resort.


Discover Lenzerheide

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