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Moments for life.

You want the best for your family. That's exactly what we give you. Active recreation in nature and friendly service. For days that linger and memories that shine. Use the long summer days for hiking, biking, water sports and activities with Globi. Do you prefer to discover your own spots with your family? Perfect, the holiday region of Lenzerheide is made for explorers big and small.

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Of hiking and wonder

Snow is fascinating, but also mighty. The Lenzerhorn and the Piz Linard are already sending avalanches through the ravine. You can find out what masses are being moved on the Val Maltegr suspension bridge, which is twelve metres high - so that you can always cross the ravine safely. To the circular hiking trail from Lantsch/Lenz, for example.

Flowing. Walking. Resting.

Are you looking for a path between rest, activity and relaxation? Then come to the Ansaina waterway and follow the Albula for seven kilometres. Water shapes cultural landscapes. This water is a source of energy and leads you to the famous Alvaneuer springs. And who knows what other places it whispers to you?

Play. Laughing. Making friends.

Your kids are still full of energy? Then let them out. Our playgrounds can take it. Tip: Try the playgrounds in Malix, Lantsch/Lez or Lain, there's not quite as much going on.

Action. Training. Adventure.

Be a ninja for once - that's exactly what you can do on the Ninja Warrior course in Chur. Do you have enough skill, stamina, body control and concentration? Then you can overcome all the obstacles. At the same time, you'll train your balance, jumping technique and much more. Throw yourself into an action-packed time - alone or with friends.

Fizzing and refreshed

On a summer hike? This spray is refreshing. But the Sanaspans waterfall offers explorers like you even more: can you find the small caves around the waterfall? Or the path to Alp Sanaspans, above the waterfall? Sanaspans, simply a place to marvel at.

Forest. Wonders. New worlds.

A forest diary, a pocket knife, a tree puzzle turntable, animal guess cards - where can you find that? In the mountain forest wonder bag. And what Harry Potter's owl Hedwig is, our golden eagle Evla is. Take your family on an active tour of Switzerland's largest nature park.

Idyllic. Cosy. Natural.

Summer means barbecuing by the lake for you? Then come to the Lai la Villa. You can reach the idyllic barbecue area by strolling through the cool forest. Make yourself comfortable and quench your thirst at the water source with the best mountain water.

Curves. Concentration. Skill.

Dare - grab a toboggan and let the wind blow through your hair. By the way: this is the longest toboggan run in Switzerland. Speed - check. What about skill? You'll know after a visit to one of the three rope parks. Enough excitement? Then get down on the ground and head out over hiking trails into the vast mountain world. Tip: Take barbecue food with you. Barbecue spots can always be found.

Retrospects. Insights. Views.

Travel back to the 13th century - with a visit to the Belfort mountain ruins. Embedded in fabulous nature, you stroll through the herb garden. You want to continue hiking? Fits. At Belfort you are directly on the Brienz culture trail. From here you can enjoy the view over the Albula Valley.

Less is more.

Concentration, precision and fresh air? That's minigolf in Lenzerheide. Show your skills with club and ball. 18 different courses challenge you and your friends. Remember: the one with the fewest points wins.

Wade. Scurry. Knowledge.

Nature - what is it actually? How does it work and which animals and amphibians live in the Lenzerheide holiday region? The moorland trail has the answers. Informative information cards tell you everything you need to know. Explore the living biotope.

Search. Find. Celebrate.

Detectives beware: A valuable object has disappeared from the museum. Help your family with the investigation - brains win. At the same time you will learn a lot about the exhibition. If you actually find the object again, you can be sure of a surprise.

Concentration. Stamina. Precision.

Set yourself a challenge for body and mind. In the Family Challenge, you complete a two-hour biathlon course. Family members can compete against each other with air rifles on the "target and fun" course.

«Supported by Stiftung Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide»

Over stick. Over stone. Hole it.

With Cross Golfs you play beyond the green. Brambrüesch is the first cross golf course in Switzerland. Hit your way through - on nine holes between the cable car mountain station and the «Bergbaiz Brambrüesch». Golfer or not, young or old - teeing off on Chur's local mountain is fun. The stunning mountain panorama is included.


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