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Are you active, do you like the outdoors and are you looking for something out of the ordinary? This way, your summer will be great. Hiking, trail running, hidden highlights - everything for you, as far as your feet will take you. Be on the lookout, find special offers again and again. You've discovered something that even we don't know about?

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Short. Crisp. Spectacular.

Here you will be challenged hard, then fully rewarded. 900 metres in altitude over three kilometres lead you to an impressive view. But be careful - on the last few metres you have to use ropes. You must be free from giddiness and sure-footed.

Balance strength and concentration

Be a ninja for once - that's exactly what you can do on the Ninja Warrior course in Chur. You have to overcome various obstacles with skill, endurance, body control and concentration. At the same time, you train your balance, jumping technique and much more. Give yourself all the action - alone or with friends.

To the alp, to the horn and again from the beginning.

Alp Sanaspans is your starting point for hikes. From here you can reach the Rothorn - if you are fit enough. Are you? Then some highlights await you on the way. The waterfall in Sanaspans will make you forget all about your aching muscles. And if you are brave enough, you can look for the hidden caves.

Loose. Casual. Running.

Creusen is a mountain pasture at 1,520 m above sea level. Here the path leads you to one of the smallest chapels. The hike to Creusen is very easy - from Lenzerheide via Lain and you're there. Alternatively, you can hike from Zorten to Creusen and then on to Tgantieni. The second option offers you a wonderful view.

Instructive. Bizarre. Diverse.

The theme trail leads you to the geographical centre of Graubünden. You hike through the Crap Furò natural forest reserve, where no more trees have been felled since 2008. Past bizarre rock towers, posts along the way tell you interesting facts about the development of the mountain forest.

Proud, mighty, so close to heaven

The Dreibündstein rises to the sky like a striking ibex. The stone monument at 2160 m above sea level is a summit, plateau and historical border point. It is meant to remind you of the freedom fighters of Graubünden. You can reach the monument via various hiking and trail running routes.

Culture, chestnuts and contemplative hiking

Walk across the Septimer, from Alpine town to Alpine town. An alpine crossing that was already popular in Roman times. Three language and cultural areas are at the centre of this cultural and long-distance hiking trail. You hike through a diverse cultural landscape. Alpine terrain falls into chestnut forests, the landscape is dotted with historic buildings. Observe the changes on the way from the bishop's town of Chur over Lenzerheide. Pay attention to the cultural differences between Surses, Bergell and Chiavenna.

See and understand castles and bridges

On hiking trails or trail running routes - here you make cultural discoveries. The legendary ruins of Belfort Castle, for example. Or the Paunt della Dieschma - the trade route used to cross this bridge.

Five places. One trail. Your challenge.

Ready for the next level? Then give yourself THE BIG FIVE Lenzerhorn, Rothorn, Stätzerhorn, Piz Danis and Piz Scalottas - they're all part of it. Sore muscles? Maybe. Smoking socks? Possibly. Priceless memory? Sure. You are brave and experienced? Let's go - «THE BIG FIVE» are waiting for you.

Not for everyone, but for all

Are you trained and focused? Then you should get to know biathlon. Shooting and endurance units challenge your body and mind. The taster course includes an introduction to shooting. After that, you'll get your heart rate up while running, on roller skis or on a bike. If you hit the target, you've really got it.

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