Feel the spring - and celebrate the new life

Sport. Culture. Nature.

Do you prefer it quiet? Then take advantage of the mid-season. From April to May, the mountain railways stand still and peace returns. We are preparing for the summer and you can already enjoy a wide range of activities. Here are a few ideas for you.
Eichhörnchen | © eluxirphoto | Pixaby

Shh. There. Look.

Squirrel Forest Lenzerheide

Get some nuts, then head for the wood between Lenzerheide and Heidsee. But be quiet, very, quiet. Then the cute squirrels will show themselves. Maybe they'll even steal a few nuts from you. Try it, you'll never forget it.

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Follow the history

Cultural Trail Voia Culturala Brienz

Get yourself some good shoes – the Voia Culturala cultural trail takes you over hill and dale. The signposted hiking trails tell you a lot about the culture and history of the region. 

To the trail

Castle Ruin Belfort

Built before the foundation of Switzerland

Around the year 1220, the forests of Brienz/Brienzauls become noisy. Wood is cut and stones are rolled through the woods. Now the great Belfort Castle stands on a rocky ridge

To the Belfort Castle Ruin
Kulturweg Lantsch/Lenz | © Ferienregion Lenzerheide

Naturlehrpfad Lantsch/Lenz

The nature of nature

Follow the exciting nature trail in Lantsch/Lenz. This way you can directly learn more about nature in the region. You have the choice. In two stages from the Foppa park and rest area via Crap la Tretscha back to Foppa. Or from Foppa via Rofna to Lantsch/Lenz. If you are looking for a vantage point and a fireplace, choose the first route.

Discover the nature trail
Foxtrail Lenzerheide | © Johannes Fredheim

For sleuths and sparrowhawk eyes

Foxtrail Anda

Are you a Foxtrail fan? Then you have to experience the Heidseetrail «Anda». Or what other trail has steerable waterfalls? And if you've never done a trail before - this one takes two hours. «Anda» can be done all year round. Find more than you are looking for.

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Photo Orienteering through Lenzerheide

13 posts. Two and a half kilometres. One goal.

Answer questions about the holiday region of Lenzerheide, Switzerland and its culture. The posts are not numbered. You determine the starting point and direction. Have you found all the posts and answered everything? Congratulations, then we will award you the title of «Lenzerheide Expert».

Have fun on your journey of discovery.

Documents Photo OL (PDF)
Baking together in the Zorten Bakehouse | © Pastroin Zorten

Bake your own bread

Bakehouse Zorten

Off to Zorten. In the Pastroin you learn how to bake bread. After the introductory course, you can use the bakehouse independently or in cooperative baking.

Offers in the bakehouse
Tennis | © hansmarkutt | Pixaby

Game. Set. Win. Repeat.

Tennishalle Lenzerheide

Desiring a match? The tennis hall in Lenzerheide is already open. Come by, we're excited to see you. Book your court now by phone +41 81 384 25 58.

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Playgrounds & Fireplaces

A small collection of fireplaces and playgrounds that are already snow-free in the Lenzerheide holiday region.