''Real, relaxing and full of possibilities''

The Hochwang mountainsides between Chur and Arsoa are sun-spoiled and boast nature at 2,533m above sea level. There are great biking and hiking possibilities and cozy mountain huts for overnight stays. Enjoy the real cottage romance and try out a hike on the "Schanfigger altitute route".
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Archery Range

In the heart of the Schanfigg Valley you will find the three attractively designed "Archery Parks Hochwang". At the bubbling river in the valley bottom of Molinis, in the shady Fatschel forest and high above the forest line between Triemel and the Hochwang hut with a view into the fascinating mountain world, you will find our exciting parks. All three parks are equipped with a total of 28 3-D animals and barbecue areas as well as restaurants invite you to linger. Introductory courses are obligatory for beginners.

Free parking, open daily, registration for bow rental 079 697 51 48

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Hochwang Speedsters

Sledding fun in summer! The Hochwang Speedsters allow you to enjoy the rush of sledding even in the warm season – also suitable for groups.

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Nostalgic Post Bus

A romantic ride in the Nostalgic Post Bus Tatoo Tataa… you can hear it before you can see it. The old yellow Nostalgic Post Bus is inching its way up the windy road. Enjoy a slow and relaxed ride, the way our grandparents used to travel. There are scheduled trips from Wednesday to Sunday leaving at the train station St.Peter-Molinis to Tschiertschen or to Fatschél Hochwang. A nostalgic experience you should not miss.

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Schanfigg Alpine Trail

The Schanfigg Alpine Trail can be accomplished in six one-day stages and leads along marked hiking routes above the timber line all around the Schanfigg valley. Walking through fragrant Aline meadows, across small creeks, passing loving, crooked, tanned houses means relaxation for body and soul. And the impressive mountain scenery is the best reward for accomplishing the trail by foot. On the Peister Alp you meet grazing cows which take a bemused look at the passers-by. Charming cabins and traditional guesthouses along the hiking route invite hikers to linger and spend the night.

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Barbecue Areas

Barbecue areas for the whole family at beautiful locations. Right in the heart of the forest or at sun-drenched meadows, Pagig and Fatschél has a varied offer of barbecue areas. Comfortable wooden tables and benches invite to relax and enjoy a meal while there is always plenty of fire wood available at the generous fireplaces. After the picnic the kids can build dams in the stream, create little ‘boats’ to swim in the fountain or let off steam on the playground.

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Flora and Fauna

Observe diverse wildlife, rare plants and colourful meadows. It is not uncommon for hikers to see rare plants in the magical and rustic Schanfigg. In spring a protected and magnificient type of orchid called the ‘Frauenschuh’ grows wildly along the hiking paths. The untouched high and low moor bogs in the Hochwang region are hosts to many plant rarities that excite all nature lovers. The rich meadows with their vibrant flora provide an ideal habitat for animals along the mountain slopes. Relax and watch nature unfold. 

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Hochwang in Winter

Sports Cable Cars Hochwang

Hochwang – the way it has always been: real, relaxing and full of possibilities

Right in the heart of the Schanfigg along the right hand side lay the sun-spoiled terraces of Hochwang. The bottom station of the idyllic chair lift is located high up at the rustic Maiensäss Fatschél village. Guests ride on the 2-seater lift to the wildly romantic Hochwang area.

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