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A little pretty town with lots of sun, a masterpiece of engineering art, tanned Wals houses and healthy mountain air – and Arosa with a large cultural and sports offer right next door.
Langwieser Viadukt | © Nina Mattli

Langwies Viaduct

With the construction of the Langwies Viaduct in 1912 the world’s focus shifted to the small village of Langwies. Millions of people have been taking pictures of it and it has become an icon of the Schanfigg valley and the canton of Grisons. The bridge is a masterpiece built more than one hundred years ago. No one in the world had ever built such a high ferroconcrete bridge with a span of 284 metres. The ride over the viaduct by train is an impressive experience. The magnificence of the construction can also be admired by foot from the train station Langwies. And during a walk through the village the various views on the viaduct offer many different opportunities to take pictures.

Kirche Langwies | © Nina Mattli

Church Langwies

On 14 May 1385 the bishop of Chur John II. conferred the chapel with an altar of Catherine and a cemetery, the sacrament of Holy Orders. Patroness of the chapel was the Blessed Virgin Mary. The construction of the late Gothic ceiling was only finished in 1488 by the master of church builders in the canton of Grisons Stephan Klain. He and his successor Andreas Bühler perfectly managed to create an elegant archway that is meant to bestow the calm and safety of the chapel on every worshipper.

Kulturhuus aussen  | © Nina Mattli

Kulturhuus Schanfigg

The former school building Langwies was transformed into the Kulturhuus-Schanfigg (Culture House) thanks to the support of the municipality of Arosa and the Innovation Foundation of the canton of Grisons. The Kulturhuus-Schanfigg ist he cultural meeting point for locals and guests. The association maintains and fosters the original culture of Schanfigg in its traditional and contemporary form. In addition, the Kulturhuus contains the cultural archive of Schanfigg, the Raetica Library of the Sprecher family, Jenins and a library for kids and families. On a regular basis the association organises movie nights, readings, presentations and exhibitions. Come and dive into the fascinating story of the Schanfigg valley and the Wals settlers!

Fondei | © Nina Mattli

Walser Culture in the Fondei valley

"Liecht-Hengert" / Show dairy according to old tradition / Walser cultural tour

Liecht-Hengert: Immerse yourself in the legendary Walser culture and its stories. By candlelight and Schanfigger pear bread you listen to the stories of Myrtha and Hans Zippert.

Show dairy: Shefali Braun, a dairymaid, and Braida Trapp, an auxiliary cheese maker, make alpine cheese according to old traditions. Let yourself be initiated into the secret of cheese production. Stir with the crusher in the cheese kettle and taste the Fondei Alp cheese.

Walser cultural tour: Gaby Mattli-Hulftegger takes you on a tour of the Strassberg settlement. With a lot of heart and soul, the rooted Fondei woman conveys the Walser culture and the settlement in Fondei.

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Walsersiedlung | © Nina Mattli

Wals Colonies

The Wals people settled in the inner part of the Schanfigg valley in the 13th century. Descendants of the Wals colony in Davos migrated across the Strela pass and settled in Sapün or across the Casanna pass in the Fondei. The Wals people imparted their characteristics into the culture, the buildings and the language of the Schanfigg valley. Still nowadays many of the villages are inhabited all year round. Langwies acts as a starting point for many hikes to the traditional Wals colonies of Fondei, Pirigen, Medergen and Sapün. The two hour walk is rewarded with lush mountain meadows, unique panoramic views, charming mountain restaurants and traditional heritage. Experience the Wals culture at the cheese making factory of „Liecht-Hengert“ or at the cultural tour through Strassberg in Fondei.
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Walserweg Höhenweg | © Nina Mattli

Educational Trail

Water, wind and weather unleash their powers in the mountains. Avalanches rumble down, rocks fall, rushing torrents overflow their banks, slopes begin to slide…Experience the interaction of natural hazards and protective measurements on the educational trail from Arosa to Langwies. The different stops along the way present various angles of the forest in a playful manner. In addition, every now and then the trail crosses the train tracks of the Chur-Arosa train. The sound of the Rhaetian Railway accompanies you during the whole journey. The view from the playground and picnic area at the Plessure river in Langwies towards the Viaduct is one of the highlights of the trail..
Foto | © Nina Mattli

Schanfigg Alpine Trail

The Schanfigg Alpine Trail can be accomplished in six one-day stages and leads along marked hiking routes above the timber line all around the Schanfigg valley. Walking through fragrant Aline meadows, across small creeks, passing loving, crooked, tanned houses means relaxation for body and soul. And the impressive mountain scenery is the best reward for accomplishing the trail by foot. On the Peister Alp you meet grazing cows which take a bemused look at the passers-by. Charming cabins and traditional guesthouses along the hiking route invite hikers to linger and spend the night.
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Walseweg | © Nina Mattli

Wals Trail

The long distance hiking trail covers 23 stages along the footsteps of the Wals people through the canton of Grisons. You hike through unknown valleys, intact cultural landscape and picturesque Wals colonies while your luggage – where ever possible with public transport – is being transferred to your next overnight destination. The stages 16 to 19 lead from Davos over the Maienfelder Furgga to Arosa, via Medergen – Sapün to Langwies and from here to the Grüensee lake and over the Casanna pass to Klosters. Along the trail you obtain a deep insight into the life of the Wals people back then and today.
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Langwies mit Viadukt | © Nina Mattli

Way of St.James

The Way of St.James across Europe passes through Langwies! The trail through the canton of Grisons leads from Davos via Schatzalp over the Strela pass to Langwies. From Langwies it passes below the viaduct to the other side of the valley to Molinis. Molinis is located right at the Plessur river, perfect to dip your feet in the cold water before starting the ascent to Tschiertschen.
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Langwies & Litzirüti during Winter

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