Langwies & Litzirüti

„Willkomma bin ünsch“

A little pretty town with lots of sun, a masterpiece of engineering art, tanned Wals houses and healthy mountain air – and Arosa with a large cultural and sports offer right next door.
Langwieser Viadukt | © Nina Mattli

Langwies Viaduct

With the construction of the Langwies Viaduct in 1912 the world’s focus shifted to the small village of Langwies. Millions of people have been taking pictures of it and it has become an icon of the Schanfigg valley and the canton of Grisons. The bridge is a masterpiece built more than one hundred years ago. No one in the world had ever built such a high ferroconcrete bridge with a span of 284 metres. The ride over the viaduct by train is an impressive experience. The magnificence of the construction can also be admired by foot from the train station Langwies. And during a walk through the village the various views on the viaduct offer many different opportunities to take pictures.

Langwies | © Foto Homberger

Church Langwies

On 14 May 1385 the bishop of Chur John II. conferred the chapel with an altar of Catherine and a cemetery, the sacrament of Holy Orders. Patroness of the chapel was the Blessed Virgin Mary. The construction of the late Gothic ceiling was only finished in 1488 by the master of church builders in the canton of Grisons Stephan Klain. He and his successor Andreas Bühler perfectly managed to create an elegant archway that is meant to bestow the calm and safety of the chapel on every worshipper.

Kulturhuus aussen  | © Nina Mattli

Kulturhuus Schanfigg

The former school building Langwies was transformed into the Kulturhuus-Schanfigg (Culture House) thanks to the support of the municipality of Arosa and the Innovation Foundation of the canton of Grisons. The Kulturhuus-Schanfigg ist he cultural meeting point for locals and guests. The association maintains and fosters the original culture of Schanfigg in its traditional and contemporary form. In addition, the Kulturhuus contains the cultural archive of Schanfigg, the Raetica Library of the Sprecher family, Jenins and a library for kids and families. On a regular basis the association organises movie nights, readings, presentations and exhibitions. Come and dive into the fascinating story of the Schanfigg valley and the Wals settlers!

Fondei | © Nina Mattli

Walser Kultur im Fondei

Liecht-Hengert / Schaukäsen nach alter Tradition / Walser Kulturführung

Liecht-Hengert: Tauchen Sie ein in die sagenhafte Walser Kultur und ihre Geschichten. Bei Kerzenschein und Schanfigger Birnbrot lauschen Sie den Erzählungen von Myrtha und Hans Zippert.
Schaukäsen: Die Sennerin Shefali Braun und die Zusennerin Braida Trapp stellen nach alter Tradition Alpkäse her. Lassen Sie sich in das Geheimnis der Käseherstellung einweihen. Rühren Sie selbst mit dem Brecher im Käsekessel und degustieren Sie vom Fondeier Alpkäse.
Walser Kulturführung: Gaby Mattli-Hulftegger nimmt Sie mit auf einen Rundgang durch die Siedlung Strassberg. Mit viel Herzblut vermittelt die verwurzelte Fondeierin die Walser-Kultur und die Besiedlung im Fondei.

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