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In the old days the „Peister Meister“ (Masters of Peist) were world famous. The traces of the golden ages of the „Peister Meister“ are well visible when walking through the village. Still nowadays handicraft and agriculture determine the cycle of life. The rhythmic blow of the hammer and the singing sound of the saw can still be heard from the workshops. During the day the people of Peist are professional and hardworking, in the evening however, everyone meets for “Hengert” and enjoys telling local stories and legends to visitors.
Peister | © Nina Mattli


Craftsmen from Peist used to be very famous for their special skills and craftsmanship. It gave them the respectful nickname of „Peister Meister“ (Masters of Peist). The village had gunsmiths, dyers, accountants, bell solders, „schädler“, tailors, carpenters, cobblers and wagon builders. The following short portraits not only provide an insight into the individual works but also into the life of people who lived in the secluded Grisons village a long time ago.

to the Peister Meister
Kirche Peist | © Nina Mattli

Church Peist

In 1874 a big fire destroyed many houses, stables and also the church of Peist. The stone houses that were built as a result of the fire show the impact of the catastrophe. In 1876/1877 the church was rebuilt. The protestant church with its prominent onion tower is now under historic preservation. In the inside you find an artfully crafted coffered ceiling.
Peist Gastfreundschaft | © Nina Mattli


Enjoy the hospitality of the Peist people in a pub and stay overnight in one of the charming and lovingly decorated accommodation options the village has to offer. Fill your backpack with delicacies from the region at the small village shop which is only in operation thanks to a cooperative. The well-kept barbecue areas around the village are ideal to linger and relax.
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