High above the Plessure river with a stunning view across the valley

It is not by chance that you pass through Tschiertschen-Praden. The village is not located on a through road; however, it is fairly close to Chur (10km) and part of the Arosa-Lenzerheide region at 700m above sea level. The 30-minute bus ride takes you through wildly romantic farm and cultural landscape. Discover the untouched surroundings on a hiking or biking tour. Well marked trails lead to small mountain lakes, fragrant meadows and impressive mountain ranges above 2,000m altitude. Enjoy regional specialities such as the dried Grisons meat from the local shepherds or fresh cheese at the Alp Farur. The few rare mountain farms of today still produce their goods in the traditional style – the taste is prove of their extraordinary artisanal skills.
Tschiertschen Postauto  | © Nina Mattli

Nostalgic Post Bus

Discover the real natural and cultural wonders of the Schanfigg from the old days. Take a ride on the Nostalgic Post Bus between Fatschél – Molinis – Tschiertschen and Alp Farur.

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Trottinett | © Nina Mattli


Try our new activity: the Trottibikes. The fun starts at ‘Hühnerköpfe’ and goes passed the Waldstafel to Furgglis all the way to Tschiertschen.

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Tschiertschen Füxliweg | © Nina Mattli

Foxli Trail

A discovery trail for young and young-at-heart.
Enjoy nature with play and fun.
Solve riddles, make music, feel, touch and just enjoy.
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Tschiertschen Schmetterling  | © Nina Mattli

Butterfly Trail

Butterflies are probably some of the most beautiful insects on earth. Today, there are close to 1,600 known species of which most live in tropical climates.
Our butterfly trail is created for families with simple information panels divided into two groups. One group shows portraits of butterflies that can be found in our mountain habitat around Tschiertschen. The other group provides background information on the local butterflies’ lives.
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Rözabort-Va Tschiertscher Hüüscher and Grinda

Rözabort tells history and village stories. Rözabort are thrilling scenes and funny dialogues about the Wals people, local agriculture, tourism, music and gossip, life and death. Rözabort is a walk in and around our village between facts and fantasies.

Rediscover Tschiertschen by watching a unique performance.
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Schanfigg Alpine Trail

The Schanfigg Alpine Trail can be accomplished in six one-day stages and leads along marked hiking routes above the timber line all around the Schanfigg valley. Walking through fragrant Aline meadows, across small creeks, passing loving, crooked, tanned houses means relaxation for body and soul. And the impressive mountain scenery is the best reward for accomplishing the trail by foot. On the Peister Alp you meet grazing cows which take a bemused look at the passers-by. Charming cabins and traditional guesthouses along the hiking route invite hikers to linger and spend the night.
Strap up your hiking boots

Hiking Routes

Hiking Routes Time Distance
Tschiertschen – Furgglis – Untersäss – Tschiertschen 2.1/4 h 6.20 km  420 m   420 m
Tschiertschen – Carmennapass – Arosa 4.3/4 h 12.80 km 1337 m 643 m
Tschiertschen – Praden – Lüen – Molinis – Tschiertschen 5.1/4 h 17.74 km 801 m 801 m
Tschiertschen - Untersäss - Furgglis-Clüs – Tschiertschen 2.1/2 h 6.20 km 417 m 417 m
Tschiertschen – Urden – Hörnli – Carmenna – Tschiertschen 7.00 h 18.90 km 1360 m 1360 m
Tschiertschen – Ochsenalp – Arosa 4.1/4 h 14.70 km 760 m 366 m
Tschiertschen – Urdensee- Hörnli – Arosa 7.00 h 17.33 km 1310 m 884 m
Praden – Runcalier – Churwalden 2.3/4 h 9.20 km 472 m 392 m
Praden – Boden – Höchi – Praden 1.1/4 h 3.90 km 196 m 196 m
Praden – Passugg – Chur 3.00 h 9.56 km 273 m 846 m
Praden – Lüen 1.3/4 h 4.10 km 246 m 422 m

All hiking routes starting in Tschiertschen (1,343m) or Praden (1,170m) are classified as mountain hiking trails and are indicated with red-white-red markers, as per the BAW guidelines. Please, make sure you wear sturdy shoes so you can truly enjoy the hike.

Discover Arosa

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa! The mountains, the village and the lake offer unlimited options. Browse through the numerous topics and find your favourite activity.