Playful Expeditions

Bear Safari and Swiss-O-Finder Arosa

Two different ways lead you via your smartphone through the village and to places you would probably have missed otherwise. Discover Arosa and its surroundings with the help of a guided game and learn interesting facts about the region.

Bear Safari

Hiking has never been more exciting! Take your smartphone along to your family expedition. We will guide you via SMS to your final destination where a souvenir prize from Arosa awaits. An interactive question-answer game in pure nature.

Wandern Familie Stausee | © Nina Mattli

The concept of the game

The treasure hunt includes 5 questions in Arosa which need to be answered within 48 hours. The chronological order of the different locations is fixed. The game lasts about 2-4 hours, depending on the age of the participants. All hiking trails are suitable for families and accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. The costs for Swiss participants are CHF 0.20 per message. For participants from abroad the costs depend on the corresponding roaming fees. All messages must be sent with the same smartphone.

Wandern Familie Stausee | © Nina Mattli

This is how it works

The game starts by sending the start-sms (keyword «HANDYSAFARI AROSA» to 343). You will immediately receive the first message with a question. Participants from abroad need to send a message to +41 76 333 26 23 (instead of 343).
Did you solve the riddle? Send the answer via SMS to 343. If your answer is correct the next question will follow instantly and the game and your hike can continue. Once all five questions have been answered a prize code will be sent. The code entitles you to pick up your prize at the Arosa Tourist Office at the Sports and Conference Centre. In addition, you automatically enter the big final draw.

Swiss-O-Finder Arosa

The Arosa-Finder is the first implementation of the “Swiss-O-Finder”, an App that will be available in various tourism destinations and cities. This very special scavenger hunt requires active involvement and fosters physical and mental fitness!

Wandern Familie Roter Tritt | © Nina Mattli

The concept of the game

The project was launched by Swiss Orienteering, the Swiss Association of Cross-Country Runners, and intends to promote an active lifestyle by simply combining two different skills: orientation and walking or running. The focus is set on the experience and on successfully finding the best route to the corresponding target.

Swiss-O-Finder Website
Wandern Familie Roter Tritt | © Nina Mattli

This is how it works

Pick up a free map at any of the three starting points listed below, and off you go.

Family distance: 1.2-1.8 km, 4 or 5 targets
Sport distance: 4.9-5.4 km, 9 or 10 targets

Take your smartphone and scan the QR codes to receive additional information about Arosa and the surrounding area.

PDF mit Details
Golf- und Sporthotel Hof Maran
7050 Arosa
P +41 81 378 51 51
Tschuggen Grand Hotel
7050 Arosa
Sport- und Kongresszentrum Arosa | © Nina Mattli
Arosa Tourismus
Sport- und Kongresszentrum
7050 Arosa
P +41 81 378 70 20

Events in Arosa

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa! The mountains, the village and the lake offer unlimited options. Browse through the numerous topics and find your favourite activity.