Viewpoints and Fireplaces

Various Viewpoints in Arosa

Enjoy the view from the Arosa Weisshorn at 2,653 m above sea level and marvel at the +400 mountain peaks in Switzerland and the neighbouring countries. You can even see all the way down to Chur, the oldest town of Switzerland. Climb to the peak by foot on marked hiking trails or comfortably take the Weisshorn cable car free of charge upon presenting the Arosa Card. The Hörnli peak also presents fantastic views, especially to the highest peaks surrounding Arosa, including the Erzhorn (the emblem on the Arosa flag) or the Parpan Weisshorn (3,000m). ). The view towards Langwies on the other hand, is lovely and rugged at the same time.
The best way to discover your favourite viewpoints is to explore and pick them yourself. Pay attention to the numerous resting benches. They are a symbol of the spots where many people from near and far have crowned their favourite places with their own bench. A total of over 400 resting benches invite you to linger and enjoy the view.

Fire and fireworks ban for the entire area of ​​the municipality Arosa

ACHTUNg: vorübergehendes FeuerVerbot

Absolutes Feuer- und Feuerwerkverbot für das gesamte Gebiet der Gemeinde Arosa.

Zur offiziellen Info der Gemeinde
Braeteln Maraner Stein | © Nina Mattli


What is more idyllic than a picnic in nature? You will find many beautiful fireplaces with wood, barbecue stations and partly also with tables and benches. The Alpine Park map shows you the locations.

We ask you to collect your waste and take it back after the picnic so that the next visitors can also enjoy the fireplaces as much as you did. 

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Information regarding open-air bbquing

Packing a backpack on a beautiful summer’s day and spending a wonderful day in nature with family and friends. Sizzling a juicy sausage over an open-air bbq station in the cooling shades of the forest. Who doesn’t enjoy moments like these? Nevertheless, be careful! Sizzle the sausage, not the forest! Read here about important information regarding open-air bbquing.

Merkblatt von "Wald.Schweiz"
Schwellisee | © Nina Mattli

Schwellisee Lake

The Schwellisee lake is located on 1,933 metres above sea level at Aroser Alp, south-west of Innerarosa right close to the source of the Plessur river. The Swiss stone pine logs are still visible in the lake. They are a testimony of a time where there used to be a large Swiss stone pine forest and then cleared by the Wals people. The Schwellisee lake lies within a relaxed walking distance of less than one hour from Innerarosa. To extend the hiking tour we recommend to continue to the Älplisee lake or even futher towards the Erzhorn or the Arosa Rothorn.
Aelplisee Frühling | © Nina Mattli

Älplisee lake

The Älplisee lake is located on 2,156 metres above sea level at Aroser Älpli, south-west of Innerarosa behind the Älpliriegel. The lake is embedded in the source area of the Plessur river and the Erzhorn, Arosa Rothorn and the Älplihorn mountains. During the summer season the challenging hiking paths leading to Erzhornsattel, Rothorn, Ramoz hut/Welschtobel, Hörnli and Gredigs Fürggli pass by the Älplisee lake.   


Alteinsee lake

The Alteinsee lake is located on 2,251 metres above sea level at Altein Tiefenberg, a plateau of the Strela chain, south of the Arosa reservoir lake. Situated between the Altein Riegel and the Altein Fürggli the view to the Schiesshorn and numerous other mountains is simply breath-taking. During the summer season hiking paths leading to Altein Fürggli –Davos Glaris/Wiesen, Valbella Furgga -Sandhubel and Schiesshorn/Meienfelder Furgga pass by the Alteinsee lake.

Obersee lake

The Obersee lake is located on 1,739 metres above sea level and is the bigger one of the two lakes situated in the Arosa village. Numerous water and reed birds as well as diving ducks and most of the European dabbling ducks find their home at the lake. During the summer season guests enjoy the lake with paddle boats, rowing boats and stand-up paddles. During the winter season the Obersee lake becomes a venue for many different happenings such as the horse race on snow, the winter golf tournament or the hot-air balloon week.

Untersee lake

The Untersee lake is located on 1,691 metres above sea level and is directly connected to the Obersee lake via the Mittelbach river. It is the natural swimming lake of Arosa and reaches a depth of 17 metres. The lido Untersee lake offers a restaurant, two beach volleyball courts, a beach with deck chairs, a big sunbathing lawn, a kids playground and a kids pool. Barbecues are also allowed at the lake, a BBQ area and wood are always at your disposal.

Altein Waterfalls

The most impressive waterfalls of the region are located in the Welschtobel. On an idyllic hike you first pass the small and then the big Altein waterfall. Both waterfalls have their origin at Schiesshorn and fall over the rocks to the Isel. The lower waterfall can be reached after a 20 minute walk. 40 minutes further you arrive at the bigger waterfall. Enjoy the unique natural spectacle on a bench and take a rest. We also recommend taking a look at the book “Magisches Graubünden, Wanderungen zu Orten der Kraft (Magical Grisons, hikes to places of power)” by Elmar Good and Pier Hänni to find out more about the Altein waterfalls.
Altein Waterfalls
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Events in Arosa

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa! The mountains, the village and the lake offer unlimited options. Browse through the numerous topics and find your favourite activity.