The perfect track for beginners and pros

Fresh mountain air in your nose, a spectacular Alpine panorama in sight and crunching terrain under your feet – there is no doubt that you will find your ideal running trail in and around Arosa. For the ones who like to test their fitness against others can participate in a variety of running events and enjoy physical challenges combined with mental stimulation by the unique scenery.
Swiss Iron Trail 2016 | © Nina Mattli

Swiss Irontrails

The Swiss Iron Trail is known worldwide as the most beautiful Ultra Trail thanks to its unique natural scenery and trail diversity. The various trail sections attract ultra-runners, leisure runners, experience seekers, pleasure hikers as well as families. While the supreme discipline with 200 km and nearly 11,500m elevation meters along the diverse trails challenges marathon runners, there are numerous sections for any hiker looking for an exceptional experience.

Ready, set, go!
Trailrunning Weisshorn | © Nina Mattli

Arosa Trail Run

The Arosa Trail Run – an experience and a true challenge with three spectacular trails! The event provides three different routes with varying profiles. The one thing all three trails have in common is: crisp ascents, breath-taking peak views and high heart beat frequencies.

Participate at the Arosa Trail Run
Swiss Management Run | © Nina Mattli

Swiss Management Run

Management has more in common with sports than you think. First, listen to inspiring presentations by top managers and then test your own limits in Arosa’s sunny mountain scenery. Don’t miss out!

Networking at its best
Wandern Familie Roter Tritt | © Nina Mattli

Arosa Finder

The Swiss Orienteering Association launched Swiss Orienteering. The activity is designed to allow for simple map reading and walking or running. The combination of skills should lead to finding the best route while reaching each target. A fun outdoor activity for body and mind.

Find the best way with Arosa Finder
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Events in Arosa

During the winter and the summer season there are plenty of happenings in Arosa! The mountains, the village and the lake offer unlimited options. Browse through the numerous topics and find your favourite activity.