Biking in bad weather

Even if the sun does not say hello for once, you can still go biking

Although Arosa is blessed with many sunny days, it is possible that when you stay in Arosa you will catch exactly that day when the sun is not shining. With the following tips, you can also put together an exciting bike experience on these days.

Adapt your bike tour to the circumstances

In uncertain conditions a good route planning is of central importance. The chosen tour should not take too long and you should write your pit stops in advance. For example, if you choose the Switzerland Mobile Route 633 to Medergen, please check in advance whether the mountain restaurant in Medergen is open or not. Strengthened with fine coffee and cake, you can continue after the stop. Safe and easy tours: Schwellisee und Ochsenalp loop.

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The bike material withstands wetness and cold well

The "excuse" my bike is not made for bad weather does not count:

- The brake discs can squeak when wet, but that doesn't bother the bike at all. And the good thing: hikers can hear the bikers from far away. :)

- Dirt goes away again! No matter whether on the new bike clothes or in the changer of the bike, the bike washing system or the laundry service in the bike hotel make sure that the next day everything shines like new again. :)

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The right clothing

Fog, rain or cold temperatures - knees and elbow pads help. In addition, each home has a headband or a bandana from the ski holidays in the basement. Pack this up and put it on under your helmet. If the ears, knees and elbows are covered, it can be lowered already much better. In addition to gloves, a warm Primaloft jacket and finally a rain jacket and everyone is optimally prepared.

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Alternative offers

If the tour does not last that long due to the weather, you will have time to enjoy other alternative offers of the destination. How about, for example:

- A visit to the Arosa Bear Country

- A leisurely hike to Lake Schwellisee

- A round of Chippin Golf

- After biking enjoy the wellness area of your bike hotel

We wish you in any case in any weather an eventful bike stay in Arosa!

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