Summer tips

Insider tips for unforgettable moments

Hiking to the Schiesshorn

The hike over the Alteiner Waterfalls to the Alteinsee and finally to the mountain "Schiesshorn" is wonderful. Once you reach the summit, you get rewarded with a breathtaking view of Arosa.

-Bianca Müller-

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Mittelstation Arlenwald | © Nina Mattli

Totally relaxed

A running session from the Obersee via the Squirrel Trail, Maran and the Arlen forest to the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. There is nothing more relaxing in this world.

-Pascal Jenny-

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Sunrise for breakfast

Early in the morning, when everyone is still asleep, I pack my hiking boots and some snacks and start walking. Ready to watch the sunrise I enjoy this magical moment on the Mattjischhorn and enjoy my breakfast.

-Manuela Pargätzi-


Leave all cares behind

I leave all my cares behind when realxing on the lush meadows near the Älplisee.

-Sandra Kamber-

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Arosa Weisshorn Bike

Collecting downhill meters

The best way to end a day: I take the cable car up to the Weisshorn and ride down the 2068 meters from the top to Chur. A super downhill trip with the mountain bike.

-Stefan Reichmuth-

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Trailrunning with a view

Enjoying the wonderful mountain landscape when running from the village towards the Hörnli.

- Silvano Ottiger -

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After work picnic

After work: I bike to the most stunning picnic spot in the whole area of Schanfigg and enjoy the view to Chur and to the Calanda mountain.

-Anina Flüeler-

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Grünsee Arosa | © Nina Mattli

A timeout

To leave my soul dangling, I prefer a hike to the secret „Grünseeli“ lake. The glitter of the lake effortlessly wraps you up in its charm. Who can’t get enough of that?

-Fabienne Simmen-

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Wandern Familie Roter Tritt | © Nina Mattli

BBQ with a fantastic view

Enjoying a grilled sausage at the „Rot Tritt” at the most beautiful fireplace with the best view.

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Wandern Familie Stausee | © Nina Mattli

Exploring the “Isel” with my family

On the way to the small waterfall, we are building some masonry dams and great stone figures. On the way back through the “Isel Forest” we observe mushrooms, animals, flowers, and a lot of other beautiful gifts of nature.

-Rebekka Herger-

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A horse excursion to the mountains


Enjoying a wonderful excursion with my horse to the “Furka-Alp” is great. Afterwards I let the horse graze and enjoy the breath-taking view at the Arosa Alps.

-Emilia Kühne-