Hörnli Express-Bärenbad-Isel-kleiner Alteinwasserfall-Langlaufbus

From the Hörnli bus stop, through the forest by the Welschtobel, to the small waterfall, along the cross-country ski trail to the ARA. The bus takes you back to the village.

From the bus stop Hörnli Bahn in the direction of Schwellisee, to the other side of the valley, at the foot of Schafrügg. Slightly descending to Büdemji, then a little uphill to the right to Bärenbäd (exit Bärenbadschanze). Walk through the Hinterwald in the direction of Welschtobel, mostly falling through a beautiful snow-covered forest with individual clearings and a view of the village. As soon as you reach the Welschtobel, the valley opens up with a magnificent view of the cross-country skiing trail and a view of the small waterfall. After you have admired the ice formations at the waterfall, you return energetically to the ARA on the left side of the cross-country ski run via Bärenried to the ARA.

From there you can return to the village by cross-country bus.