Check out the sledding runs!

Sit on a classic wooden sled or a sporty bobsleigh and off you go on one of the many sledding runs. Whether you go to the top by train or by foot, a fun ride into the valley is guaranteed. Our secret tip: night sledding every Thursday evening at the Tschuggen, or every evening from Prätschli.

 The sledding runs are free of charge. Insurance is the responsibility of the user.
Schlitteln Heidi Gigi | © Nina Mattli

Sledding in Arosa

From Prätschli to Obersee, past the Tschuggenhütte, past the Kulm or down to Litzirüti - Arosa is the starting point of various sledding runs.

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Nachtschlitteln | © Nina Mattli

Night Sledding

Every Thursday night holds a special treat: Night Sledding at the Tschuggen!
Enjoy relaxed or racy runs with beautiful views across the Arosa night sky.


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Schlitteln Kind | © Nina Mattli

Sledding in Langwies

Up to 5.7 km of sledding in one go - a paradise for all those who can’t get enough of sledding. Routes generally start at a nearby mountain hut, follow an entertaining route and end in Langwies.

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Schlitteln Familien | © Nina Mattli

Sledding in St.Peter, Peist and Pagig

Start with a relaxed winter hike through the snowy scenery and finalise your route with an exciting sledding run. The sledding runs of St.Peter, Peist and Pagig cover 630m of elevation and not only promise magnificent views, but also an impressive speed rush.

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Schlitteln Kinder | © Nina Mattli

Sledding in Tschiertschen

Whether it's a comfortable chairlift ride or an almost 2-hour hike - even the arrival to the sledding run start is worth the trip. From Waldstafel via Furrlis, the twisty route leads down to Tschiertschen and offers various possibilities to stop for a warming drink and snacks along the way.

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Schlitteln grosser Schlitten  | © Nina Mattli

Sled Rental

Sleek bobsleighs or classic wooden sleds – the following shops will make sure you will have a fun sledding experience.

Luzi Sport at the train station +41 81 377 35 43
Schlittenkönig Innerarosa +41 78 725 04 40
Sprecher Sport Innerarosa +41 81 377 12 07
Schmid Sport Innerarosa +41 81 377 25 95
Sled rental at the cable cars Hochwang +41 81 374 11 22

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