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Winter Tips

Insider tips for unforgettable moments

The trend sport cross-country skiing brings momentum into your life

On the Isel cross-country ski trail you will feel as if you are in the endless forests of the north. Or the trail Prätschalp where you & mountain panorama are one unit. Both an unbelievable pleasure.

-Markus Guler-

Cross-country skiing in arosa

LIVE is LIFE 2020

Farewell the winter season on the LIVE is LIFE from 3rd to 5th April 2020 and once again enjoy the sun on the slopes with great music.

-Sandra Kamber-


Sliding over the ice

Skating and enjoying the great scenery on the frozen Obersee, the most beautiful natural ice field in Graubünden.

-Fabienne Meier-

Ice sports in Arosa

Explore Sapün

A winter hike from Arosa to Sapün, enjoy the sunset and a delicious dinner at the Berghaus Heimeli.

-Andrea Mende-

Berghaus Heimeli

Early Bird Skiing

Enjoy two to three descents at sunrise and then off to the delicious Gipfel Z' Morga  on the Weisshorn. So the day begins flawlessly, even for a morning grumble :) 


-Bianca Müller-

Mountain adventures

Above the clouds...

Take the first gondola up to Weisshorn and enjoy the perfectly groomed pistes and freshly snowed-in deep-snow slopes while skiing over the sea of clouds.

-Silvano Ottiger-

Winter sports area

EarlyBird - When getting up early pays off

The icy cold is quickly forgotten when the first rays of the rising sun tickle your nose. Afterwards, take the first trail on the freshly prepared slope and to top it all off, freshly baked croissants and the aroma of freshly boiled coffee await you at the 360° Panorama Restaurant Weisshorn summit. My very personal winter highlight, as it always is a breathtaking experience.

-Manuela Pargätzi-

Gipfel Z' Morga