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Summer is here and so it is time to go on discovery tours again. The Lenzerheide holiday region has been a popular destination for families for many years and not without reason. The possibilities are numerous, from hiking to biking, water sports and activities with Globi, everything is there. In addition, there are also various less well-known places waiting to be discovered by young and old. Have you made other discoveries? Share them with us via #entdeckelenzerheide.

Our family offers for you

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    Globi Set

    The family holidays thus become an exciting discovery tour through the Lenzerheide holiday region.

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    Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

    Fairy tale brunch

    Start the day as a family at the fairy tale brunch at the mountain restaurant Piz Scalottas with fabulous stories and a rich breakfast. Fortified, children listen to exciting stories while parents continue to enjoy the brunch. As a farewell, Globi waves to the children and has a little surprise for all.

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    Globi Children Party

    Games, fun, excitement and many colourful children's attractions as well as a petting zoo await the little party guests along the Globi hiking trail from Tgantieni to the mountain restaurant Avant Clavo.

1. Suspension bridge val Meltger

Discover on a hiking tour to the suspension bridge Val Meltger what violence snow avalanches can have. Enjoy lonely paths and the wide view as far as Oberhalbstein and Engadin.

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2. Lai la Villa

The lake Lai la Villa invites you to stay, discover and play. With its idyllic and romantic location, time at the lake flies by. The lake has a barbecue area and the fresh water source quenches your thirst with the finest mountain water.

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3. Belfort castle ruin

Travel back to the 13th century and discover the nature around the Belfort stronghold, including the herb garden. The ruins of Belfort Castle are located on the Brienz Culture Trail and also offer a beautiful view over the Albula Valley.

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4. Waterway Ansaina

Along the Albula and Landwasser rivers and at the famous Alvaneuer springs, discover places to stop, watch and marvel.

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5. Mountain Forest Wonder Bag

With the Mountain Forest Wonder Bag, children and the whole family discover the mountain forest in Switzerland's largest nature park together with golden eagle Evla.

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6. Moorland course Riedboden/Brambrüesch

The moorland course in Riedboden, Brambüesch with its diverse nature offers many different things to discover. Where a moor was once home to many amphibians, animals and plants, a fen now offers many species a new home.

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7. Waterfall Sanaspans

The waterfall in Sanaspans not only takes your breath away, but there is also a lot to discover. The nature is unique with its stony areas and the many small caves are waiting to be discovered by young and old.

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8. Detective game

An exciting discovery tour through the Vaz/Obervaz Museum, because a valuable object has disappeared. Investigate as a family in the museum and set off on a search. Meanwhile, learn a lot of exciting things about the exhibition. If the object is found again, a surprise awaits you. 

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9. Barbecue areas

What could be better than a picnic in the mountains with snake bread over the fire? You will find many nice barbecue spots with wood, grill and partly also tables and benches. You will find all official barbecue sites marked in the interactive hiking map. Taking the rubbish with you after the picnic is a matter of course, isn't it?

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