The Weather Dwarfs From Heidbueel

Wetterwichte Heidbüel


Lenzerheide Bergbahnen
Die Wetterwichte von Heidbüel
7075 Churwalden
phone +41 81 385 50 00

High up in the forests of Heidbüel lives a small peculiar folk: the weather dwarfs. Nobody knows the weather as well as they do. Day in, day out they dance with the wind, listen to the rain or watch the animals. Whether deer, marmot or fox, they all help the weather dwarfs forecasting the weather.

Whirlwind barbeque areas, places to stay, games and fun as well as adventures await you. Wood for grilling is available on site free of charge. The gbarbeque areas also have a grate. At the summit station Heidbüel you will also find a serviced kiosk, where hamburgers, sausages, cool drinks, coffee, sweets and ice cream are offered for sale. You can also buy your sausages for barbecue. The kiosk is open in good weather. Toilets and water are also available at the summit station Heidbüel.