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Summer is here and so it is time to go on discovery tours again. The Lenzerheide holiday region offers numerous places to stay. In addition to the well-known ones, there are also some hidden highlights to be discovered. Have you made other discoveries?

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Crap Furò

In the natural forest reserve around the Crap Furò near Surava in Parc Ela, various types of forest grow on 120 hectares. Spruce trees alternate with mountain and forest pines. Besides a lot of dead and old wood, there is also plenty of young growth.

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Waterfall Sanaspans

The waterfall Sanaspans not only takes your breath away, but there is also a lot to discover. The nature is unique with its stony areas and the many small caves are waiting to be discovered by young and old.

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Historical buildings

Travel back in time and discover the hidden architectural treasures of the high valley. Thus, in addition to the Belfort Castle ruins and Nivagl Castle, you will find other castle ruins and historic buildings. Let a local guide tell you the story of the barons of Vaz/Obervaz.  

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Paunt dalla Dieschma

The trade route led across this bridge until the first third of the 19th century. It overcomes a topographical obstacle, but civil engineering also arched over the interference with nature. It was first mentioned in 1597 as a stone arch bridge.

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Crap la Tretscha

The viewpoint Crap la Tretscha not only offers an unforgettable view towards Oberhalbstein, Mon and Stierva, but also has a resting bench and a fireplace. Enjoy together with your family a sunny day in the middle of nature.

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Parc Ela

Travel back to the year 1215 and experience how our ancestors lived and fought. The information board near the castle ruins tells you more exciting information and details about the castle. Below the castle there is a barbecue area which invites you to stay and discover.

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Ortsmuseum Vaz/Obervaz

Museum Vaz/Obervaz

The old vicarage with its barn in Zorten, where Capuchin friars worked from 1660 to 1933, now houses the local Vaz museum. Here the history of the extensive parish of Vaz/Obervaz is documented. One focus is the development of tourism: from Maiensäss to a health resort.  

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Heidbüel storage lake

Above Churwalden lies the Heidbüel storage lake. Although it is not a bathing lake, its elevated location and small meadow offer perfect conditions for a quiet day. In addition to a kiosk, there is also a spacious barbecue area on Heidbüel. The easiest way to get up is with the panorama cable car Heidbüel.

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The churches of the region, some of which are historic, are home to some important cultural treasures. These include the masterfully carved, late-Gothic winged altar in the parish church of St. Calixtus or the cemetery of St. Mary's Church in Lantsch/Lenz with its wrought-iron grave crosses.

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Solis Brücke | © Marc Schürmann

Viaduct and bridge Solis

There are two historical connections in Solis at the Solisbrücke restaurant. The Solis Viaduct is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Rhaetian Railway. Next to the Solis Viaduct, the small stone bridge spans the narrow Schinschlucht, where the Albula River flows at a depth of 89 metres.

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Barbecue areas

What could be better than a picnic in the mountains? You will find many nice barbecue spots with wood, grill and partly also tables and benches. You will find all official barbecue sites marked in the interactive hiking map. It goes without saying that you can take the rubbish with you after the picnic, right?

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Traversiner footbridge

A bridge spans the largest and wildest ravine between Sils i.D. and the Viamala Gorge, the like of which cannot be found anywhere else. The bridge by the world-famous bridge builder Jürg Conzett is a masterpiece of engineering. Impressive, exciting and indescribable. You simply have to experience this impressive structure on the Roman Path in the Viamala for yourself.

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