Themed trails in Lenzerheide

From the popular Globi hiking trail, through the botanical forest nature trail at Scharmoin middle station, to the «Voia Culturala» culture trail, a number of different themed trails impart interesting information on various aspects of the high valley of the Lenzerheide holiday region and its residents.

Globi hiking trail

The Globi hiking trail, newly opened in 2018, comprises a total of 13 stations at which Globi explains topics such as nature and technology in a playful way. Play, fun and exciting adventures are waiting for you. The route was adapted so that the distances between the stations are shorter and it always remains exciting for the children. The start is now at the Val Sporz valley station. From there, take the chairlift up to the Tgantieni mountain station, where the first station is waiting.
Globi hiking path

Autschli Path Lenzerheide

The Autschli Path is perfect for a short trip. On the way from the middle station Scharmoin back to the village of Lenzerheide there are various stations on the subject «forest experience». The installations provide exciting discoveries or cozy moments. Always there is Autschli, the magical bear from Lenzerheide.
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Weather dwarfs from Heidbüel

High up in the forests of Heidbüel lives a small peculiar folk - the weather dwarfs. Whirlwind fireplaces, places to stay, games and fun as well as adventures on the weahter path await you. You can easily reach Heidbüel with the panorama cable car Heidbüel from Churwalden.
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Alpine floral educational trail

The alpine floral educational trail starts with great views at Scharmoin middle station at 1,900 m above sea level. At several stations you will learn interesting facts on the trees, shrubs and flowers of our region. At the end of the path you will be greeted with a roaring waterfall and a spacious barbecue area – a place that invites you to stay for a while. The easily accessible trail measures approximately 2 km in total (there and back).
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Lantsch/Lenz nature trail

Follow the exciting nature trail in Lantsch/Lenz and find out more about the diverse nature of the region. The nature trail takes you in two stages from Foppa car park and rest stop via the vantage point and barbecue area Crap la Tretscha back to Foppa, or from Foppa via Rofna to Lantsch/Lenz (each will take 1 hour 15 min).
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