14 December 2020

Snow sports with respect

Deer in winter | © Pixabay

Forest and wildlife in Lenzerheide
Two sides of the valley, east and west, with many winter sports possibilities characterize the holiday region of Lenzerheide. In the midst of countless slopes and footpaths is the habitat of wild animals which, depending on the depth of the snow, can be found in different places during the day and at night. In the morning, fresh footprints in the fresh snow show the nocturnal forays and foraging on shrubs and firs. Open and closed forest sections are the habitat of wild animals. Disturbance by snow sports enthusiasts means stress and simultaneously high-energy consumption. Responsible snow sports enthusiasts avoid forest sections and stay on paths and signalled slopes, thus showing consideration for wildlife.

Four rules for more nature

  1. Respect wildlife rest areas and wildlife reserves
  2. Stay on paths and signposted routes in the forest
  3. Avoid forest edges and snow-free areas
  4. Keep dogs on a leash, especially in the forest

Respect the borders for an undisturbed forest and winter landscape
Please do not leave routes and paths. For the sake of wildlife. Thank you