Cross-country skiing with Sven

It's Nordic time!

Hi, if you didn't know, I'm Sven Johansen, a true cross-country expert from Norway. A living legend and star of the Nordic skiing scene. Having retired from active professional sport, I am now an ambassador for cross-country skiing and biathlon in Lenzerheide, a disciplined consultant and coach. I know every trick and make everyone fit - whether beginner, amateur, joker or professional athlete. My ice-cold nature and strict principles are part of the secret of my success. But don't worry: I never miss out on fun either. Are you ready to make the cross-country ski runs unsafe with me? It's Nordic time!

Svens Cross-country challenge

Just collecting kilometres on the cross-country trail is too boring for you? My cross-country challenge offers you the perfect alternative. In the whole cross-country network between Parpan and Lantsch/Lenz there are ten stations, which bring variety to cross-country skiing. Whether big or small, beginner or professional, my cross-country challenge offers fun for everyone.

How does it work?
Quite simple. On the cross-country panorama map you can see where the posts are. You can find out what each post contains directly on the spot. It's supposed to be a little surprise, at least the first time. You can recognize the guards by the fact that a plaque with my face is placed on it, on which it says what to do.

Small tip: Bring your mobile phone with you.

Wisdom with Sven Johansen

«Sweat is the fat that screams! It’s Nordic Time!»

«Sweat flows when muscles cry! It's Nordic Time!»

 «Could have! Should have! Would have! Get on the slope! It’s Nordic Time!»

«Success has two letters: DO! It's Nordic Time!»

«If you pant after every staircase, training would be good for sure. It’s Nordic Time!»

«He who has a drink after training has learned nothing but has lived. It’s Nordic Time!»

«If the back aches, the pole is not long enough. It’s Nordic Time!»

«If your face is decorated with snow, you probably kissed it. It’s Nordic Time!»

«If you ski over pavement, the winter wasn't very cold. It's Nordic Time!»

 «Whoever pushes skis over meadows, missed the season end. It’s Nordic Time!»

«Focus, Willpower, Strength. It’s Nordic Time!»

«It's not the pack of chips that's keeping you alive. It's your body! Get your finger out!»

«You want to get better and faster? We are not at «make a wish» here. Every shot moose moves faster than you. Get your finger out!»

«Mulled wine doesn't count as an isotonic drink! Get your finger out!»

«Vaskeklut is Norwegian for washcloth! Get your finger out!»

«There are 7-year-old girls in Norway who are stronger than you! Get your finger out!»

«Motivation is the key to success! Get your finger out!»

«Without diligence no price - out with your finger! Get your finger out!»

«Be focused, concentrated and trust your abilities. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. It's Nordic Time!»

«Only if you go to your limit can you become something. Success begins in your head. It’s Nordic Time!»

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