Ski ticket

Be smart & book online

The earlier you book your ticket, the lower your price!

The purchase of ski and snowboard tickets in our online shop is doubly worthwhile for you:

1st advantage when booking online: You don't lose any time queuing at our sales points and can therefore spend more time on our slopes.
2nd advantage when booking online: You benefit from lower ticket prices. The prices for winter day and multi-day tickets Arosa Lenzerheide are always at least 6% cheaper in the online ticket shop than at our sales points.

Questions & Answers for online booking

Why do I have to add my name twice?
In the first step you add the “buyer” and then the “skier”. As not every buyer is a skier it has to be added twice.
I cannot process the payment
Please check if every field is filled in correctly. Especially if you have added the CVC code (on the back of your credit card).
I forgot to add my Keycard.
It is not possible to add a Keycard later on. Please come with you pick up confirmation to one of our cash desks and we can issue the card.
I have not received a booking confirmation.
If you have finished the booking process including the payment we will have sent you a booking confirmation to the email address you have added. Please check you spam folder.
Error message: «Oops, it looks like we have a technical problem» 
The problem can be related to a problem on your device or with your email address. Please try to book with another device and/or anther email address.
Error message: «The site has been expired»
Normally it is a problem with your browser. Please try to book with another browser (f.e. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) that is an updated version. 
Error message: «Your credit card has been rejected»
Please check with your credit card company if it has been blocked.
Error message: «This is not a valid email address»
Please check if there is a space before, after or between the email address. Remove the space.
I have added my Keycard but I cannot continue
Please click on «save guest information»
How can I order my Arosa Lenzerheide lift ticket?
Go to our ticket shop on or download the Arosa Lenzerheide App. There you can choose your ticket and follow the process accordingly. You can easily pay by credit card. The further in advance you buy, the more you can save.

How can I get the most reasonable offer?
Prices can be different for each day of the season. The more tickets we have sold for a particular day, the higher the price will be. If you book today, you will get the best possible deal for the period selected. The best offers are normally outside of the regular holiday season and on midweek days.
What is the highest price that I can expect?
Booking in advance is always better for Arosa Lenzerheide day and multi day passes. The more tickets that are already sold the higher the price. Our maximum price in the ticket shop is always 6% lower than the cash desk rate. Same day purchases have a fixed discount of 6%. Special tickets like Beginner and Snowpark tickets, morning, evening or special events are available at a fixed rate. There is no discount displayed in the shop.
Same day purchases for summer are at the cash desk price. Only the ArosaCard and the day passes Lenzerheide are reduced in advance (limited amount).

What kind of tickets are available?
The day and multi day tickets Arosa Lenzerheide are dynamic («with discount»). Further on there are a couple of other snow sport and summer tickets available at a fixed rate.

Do I have to book in advance to save money?
Tickets with a discount are more reasonable the earlier you buy them. The more tickets we have already sold for a certain day, the higher the price will be. You will get the best deal for your skiing day, if you book today. Same day purchases of ski tickets Arosa Lenzerheide still have a discount of 6%. Some other tickets or offers in summer are not reduced. These tickets do not have any discount displayed in the shop. But you still profit by booking online when you add your keycard during the booking process. Your ticket will be directly loaded on the card at the gate. 

Can I get a discounted ticket at the cash desk?
No. The tickets must be bought online. We are happy to help you with your booking if needed (T +41 81 385 50 60).
Why can I not buy single rides in the online shop?
The decision for a single ride is most often spontaneous, whereas the «be smart and book online» rewards early purchases. By limiting the offer, we can provide more clarity, as well as an easier user-experience in the shop.
Are all tickets available at the online shop?
Most of the tickets are available in the shop. Mainly single rides and season passes are not available. 
Are tickets available for age groups other than adults?
Yes. All age groups are available.

Do I need to give my personal data and to create an account to buy my ski pass?
Yes. The ski tickets are personalized. However, you can also purchase tickets for other family members. It is not necessary to create an account, but it can save you time during your next purchase (advantages are in development).

Is my personal data secure?
The shop fulfills the regular security standards (PCI DSS 3.0). Please note however, that even the highest security standards cannot give a full guarantee. More information is provided in the privacy policy.

How can I pay?
We accept Visa and Mastercard, as well as Google and Apple Pay.

Can I use my Arosa Lenzerheide Value Card to do the payment?
No. Due to technical reasons, we cannot accept value cards and vouchers in the web shop, but you can use them in our numerous restaurants on the mountain.

Can I transfer my ticket to somebody else?
All of our tickets are skier/rider and date-specific. Once you have purchased a ticket you cannot change the skier’s name or date of skiing, so please double-check all ticket details before your purchase.
What are the conditions of my purchase?
All purchases are final and cannot be cancelled, refunded, changed or transferred, not even with a fee. Once you make a purchase, your credit card will be charged for the amount shown, regardless of whether or not the purchased ticket(s) is/are used.

Can I change my order or cancel it?
All purchases are final, and cannot be cancelled, refunded, changed, or transferred, even with a fee. While we know this is rigid, the purchase restrictions are what allow us to sell lift tickets to you at low prices.

How can I get my actual ticket? Do I have to go to the cash desk even if I book online?
If you already own a Skidata KeyCard, you can add your card number to your profile during the booking process. In this case, the entry permission will be loaded directly onto your KeyCard and you can access the mountain without queueing. Please make sure that you always have your own, personalised card with you. At our cash desks, we can also help personalise your card with your name and photo. If you do not own a Skidata Keycard yet, you can choose the pick-up option and retrieve your KeyCard at one of our cash desks in exchange of a 5,00 CHF deposit.
Cash desks/opening times:

I have a card I used on the last ski day. How do I know if I can use this card for the online purchase?
Our current Arosa Lenzerheide Skidata KeyCards can be used without restrictions. In case you want to use cards from another resort, they have to be part of the “Skidata” card system, which you can recognise by the print “keycard”. If the card number starts with "01", the card is up to date. 

Can I profit from the attractive prices if I do not have a KeyCard yet?
Yes, you can choose the pick-up option and retrieve your ticket at the cash desk. Please bring the email confirmation and a photo ID with you to receive your KeyCard at the cash desk. You can also use this KeyCard for your next purchase.

Can I use my mobile phone to access the ski area?
No. Due to technical reasons you need a Skidata KeyCard.

I have booked a ticket, but I am not able to use it. Can I get a refund?
If you have a doctor’s note, which confirms that you are not able to use your ski pass due to health issues, we will refund your ticket. The right for a refund is only valid until the end of the season.

What if the weather is bad on my ski day?
Our purchase terms state that we do not guarantee snow conditions, weather conditions, open terrain, or number of lifts operating.

What if the resort is closed on the day of my ticket validity?If Arosa Lenzerheide is closed for the entire day of your trip, please contact our support team at the cash desk, by mail ( or phone (P +41 81 385 50 60) and we will be happy to find an appropriate solution with you. In no case can we be held liable for costs incurred other than the ticket price.