Schanfigger Dörferweg (Schanfigger village trail)

On the hiking trail you have the opportunity to experience the Schanfigg valley in several days, along the traditional villages. 

The Schanfigg village trail now connects the villages of Schanfigg from Chur to Arosa on both sides of the valley for hikers. Traditional and authentic village culture can be experienced on the 52 km long (mountain) hiking trail.

The Dörferweg leads through intact and varied landscapes with magnificent views, through meadows and forests, across Töbel and past Maiensässen and, last but not least, through the villages with their characteristic wooden knitted buildings, farm and village shops, restaurants and Besenbeizen. The alternation of natural and cultural landscapes can be experienced at every turn, as can be seen, for example, in the scenically magnificent sections at Gründji & Frauentobel.

The village trail enriches the range of hiking opportunities in Schanfigg. Thanks to the good public transport connections between the villages, a variety of circular hikes can be planned, e.g. in connection with the Schanfigger Höhenweg.

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