Dirt Royale

Good time on two wheels with like minded people

The year 2019 is all about a new bike event in Lenzerheide. The Dirt Royale has no ordinary racing format. We are looking for participants, who want to prove their bike skills. Various different stages challenge all aspects of biking. What matters the most is having fun.
Further details will follow.
The first Dirt Royale will take place from 21 - 23 June 2019.

Save the Date: 21 - 23 June 2019


These Stages are waiting for the Participants

The participants will go through a course on time, whereas only the 16 fastest will be allowed to compete against each other in the final.

The participants are followed by the Fox, who starts at the end and rides an unknown route through the park. Whoever is caught up or arrives after the Fox at the finish line has lost and receives no points for this stage. The participants who finish before the Fox will receive points according to the time driven.

The participants have the possibility to drive the two Road Gaps. The section with the two Road Gaps will be driven on time so that not everyone has to cross the Road Gaps. For those who do not want to drive the Road Gap, a slower chicken line is available.

Who can do the FlowLine the fastest in the bikepark without a chain? A time measurement will be installed and the number of points will be distributed according to the ranking list. The chain is removed by a professional helper.

We are looking for the king of the e-bike hill. The higher the competitor gets, the better he scores.

Who drives the fastest through the pump track?

Enduro races with many stages in the bikepark and approximately two stages outside the bikepark.


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