Observation Points

A perfect view to the Tour de Suisse in Arosa

Tour de Suisse in Arosa – you won’t miss a thing from these observation points

Tour de Suisse – you won’t miss a thing from these observation points

  • In picturesque Schanfigg, the various villages of the municipality of Arosa – from Maladers to Peist – invite you to follow the publicity caravan and mountain stage of the Tour de Suisse.
  • Various festivities await spectators at the Alte Post guest house in Langwies – with a view of the Langwieser Viaduct – 7 km before the stage finish line or in Litzirüti.
  • After a downhill section after the Sunnarüti, the road switches to the other side of the valley and shortly before Litzirüti, the racers are confronted with a sharp bend to the left followed by a challenging uphill climb.
  • Between Litzirüti and Arosa, a final steep ascent awaits riders – in the long curve "Schoggirank", there is an ideal view from the meadow, followed shortly afterwards by the "SOS-Rank", an extremely tight hairpin bend with an incline of 11%.
  • After around 30 kilometres and 1152 metres of elevation, the peloton reaches Arosa, the stage finish, where a fantastic spectator's backdrop awaits shortly after the village entrance – there is plenty of space for fans right at the edge of the road around the sports and convention centre and Hotel Valsana.
  • Finally, riders circle the Obersee (upper lake) where the spectators can enjoy various festivities and an attractive Tour de Suisse Village with culinary delights from the Arosa catering team as well as a perfect view of the last few metres and sprint.
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  • Operating Hours

    Cable Car Arosa-Weisshorn
    daily 15. June - 21. October 2018

    Cable Car Hörnli-Express 
    daily 30. June - 21. October 2018

    Urden Aerial Railway
    daily 7. Juli - 19. August 2018
    daily 5. - 7. September 2018
    daily 8. - 21. Oktober 2018

    25. August - 7. Oktober 2018

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