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Waste and mobility

Arosa Lenzerheide has been committed to operating its cable cars and lifts sustainably for many years, in particular at an ecological level. An intact natural landscape is not only one of the most important drivers of tourism, but also an essential supplier of resources. Together, we want to raise the awareness of our service providers, partners and guests, serve as an example to everyone, and expand our room for manoeuvre.


Recycling on the mountain

The waste on the mountain, which accumulates every day in winter and summer, is collected centrally and recycled and disposed of accordingly. The leftovers from the catering businesses, for example, are recycled as biomass. Furthermore, recycling bins are also available to our guests at the most important places to dispose of their own waste properly.


Mobility - local and sports bus

Less traffic within the destination

In order to keep the traffic volume within the destination as low as possible, a well-developed public transport network is elementary. As a mountain railway, we contribute significantly to financing the operation of the local local bus and the sports bus. Together with the communities, we provide our guests and residents with a dense timetable and direct connections to various attractions and entry points.

More to all-inclusive public transport

Mobility - public charge point

Public charge point at the Rothorn valley station

If you are travelling with an electric vehicle, you will find several e-charging stations in Arosa Lenzerheide. Among others also directly at the valley station Rothorn. In addition to the "public transport ticket included", this is another contribution to reducing the energy consumption of our guests during their arrival and departure.

All charge points

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