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Where are we heading in the future? As a cable car and lift company, we offer our guests access to relaxation and nature, and assume responsibility in the region as an employer and customer. When it comes to sustainability measures, we rely on selected partnerships to bundle the expertise available, create synergies and optimally exploit the different communication channels.


We all love winter and need the snow. But in the past few years, one thing in particular has become clear: the snow needs us. Winters are getting warmer, and the seasons are getting shorter. If we wish to continue enjoying unforgettable snowsport and powder days, we have to do something to combat climate change.

From experienced Olympic athletes to beginners, Snowpark professionals to freeriders – at «I AM PRO SNOW – 100% Committed» –all of them join forces to support real climate solutions. We all want to be able to enjoy perfectly groomed slopes, fresh powder snow and the first tracks in virgin snow in the future. 

Arosa Lenzerheide is there, and is PRO SNOW. With the «I AM PRO SNOW – 100% Committed» campaign, the Arosa Lenzerheide snowsport region aims to make a joint contribution to protecting the climate and guaranteeing snow in future. Arosa Bergbahnen AG and Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG already use 100% electricity from renewable energies (hydropower and solar).

Energy efficiency as an anchored objective

Since autumn 2014, we have been measuring and analysing the total energy consumption of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG and Arosa Bergbahnen AG in collaboration with the Energie-Agentur der Wirtschaft (EnAW) (pdf). We now know every energy consumer, from the engine of the snow groomer to the chairlift drivetrain, the fridge in the mountain restaurant and every single light. We know the energy consumption and condition of each device, and how much energy in total (electricity, heating oil, fuel and pellets) is being used. This is comprised as follows: 31% for slope preparation, 23% for cableways, 18% for buildings (mountain and valley stations, workshops, offices), 16% for snow-making, and 12% in our mountain restaurants.

Together with EnAW, we have also identified options to enhance efficiency and formulated measures to reduce energy consumption over the next ten years. A small example: Electric heaters are installed in various command rooms to heat the rooms and prevent frost.

In future, we will equip these with time switches, which will switch off the heaters in the evening and work with frost tempering at night. This conversion of 50 electric heaters will reduce the annual operating time by 370 hours each, i.e. 18,500 hours in total, resulting in savings of some 40,700 kWh. The electricity saved in this way can be used to operate the Obertor chairlift (east-west connection) for 127 operating days, i.e. an entire winter season.

We want to improve the company's energy efficiency by a further 5.9% and reduce CO2 emissions by some 10% over the next ten years. We have committed to achieving these objectives in an agreement with the Swiss Office of Energy. Progress is measured every year.

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