King for one night Lenzerheide

Price from
CHF 195.00

You may have admired the snow groomers from a distance and dreamt about riding in such a powerful vehicle yourself. The exclusive «King for One Night» offer gives you the chance to join our professionals on their rounds. You will learn about how the slopes are prepared and everything else involved in the grooming process. Be a real snow groomer driver for one night.

2 hours/ 4.00 pm till 6.00 pm 

4.00 p.m. outside Garage Stätz (at the level of the Chilihütta)

The event may be postponed if the weather is bad. Guests will be informed in person of a postponement after 3.00 p.m. you will be informed if the event is cancelled.

The journey to the König for one night is on skis from the 6-seater Stätzerhorn chairlift.
However, if it is not possible for you to arrive on skis, the journey is as follows:
Ask for a parking permit at the Sartons Restaurant (Dominik Schäfer Tel. +41 81 384 11 93). There are no public parking spaces at Sartons (only guest parking spaces from Sartons Restaurant).
If parking at Sartons is not authorised, please park at the nearest public car park Valbella or Proschieri and either walk or take a taxi to the Sartons Restaurant. Registration Transport Patrol (tel. +41 81 378 84 15) for transport of people from Sartons Restaurant to Stätz Garage.

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