Group Activities in the Summer

Escape the hot temperatures and overheated cities with your team and cool off in Arosa. In the fresh summer resort with the panoramic mountain backdrop, you can quickly forget the stresses of daily life.

MACH sustainability

Would you like to not only keep your hands in your pockets with your team, but actively participate and make a positive difference in the process? Then you've come to the right place with Arosa's MACH sustainability experiences. We have set ourselves the goal of taking further steps in sustainability and becoming MACHers of sustainability together with you.

What to do if you can't decide between the great experiences? Under the motto "Wood" or "Earth", we have already put together 2- or 3-day programs planned from A-Z, which combine several of the excursions in one program and have sometimes been supplemented with other activities. Ask at, we will gladly send you the day programs "My Arosa Garden", "My Arosa Forest" or "My Arosa Bench" if you are interested.

Grueensee-11.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Forest management with the forest Arosa

Can't see the forest for the trees in your work? In this team activity, they are guaranteed not to forget the individual trees! Whether planting trees, producing protective forest measures or building insect hotels - here you will get to know the various tasks of Forst Arosa up close and personal.

Group size: 10 - 15 persons
Costs: on request

Kochkurs Arosa | © Waldhotel Arosa

Regional cooking course

We declare war on takeaway, foodwaste and fast food, menus with gourmet character can be made by yourself from now on! The necessary know-how and ideas for seasonal, regional cuisine are taught in this cooking course at a hotel partner in Arosa - also perfectly combinable with an accompanied hike to the Maran Alpine Garden, a fine aperitif or an enjoyable dinner right at the hotel.

Group size: 10 - 15 persons
Costs: on request

imkern-1.jpg | © Stiftung Arosa Bären / VIER PFOTEN

Guest beekeeping

Do you know where honey comes from and how it is produced? Answers to these questions are guaranteed during this unique team experience. We provide your team with a fascinating insight into the world of beekeeper Rolf Mischol. During two hours you will accompany the local expert to his beehive and actively help. 

Group size: 6 - 8 persons
Dates: every Friday afternoon available on request
Costs: on request
Remark: only possible in good weather

maran-blumen-1.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Building insect hotels

Insect hotels are an invaluable contribution to local nature conservation. In this course you will build functional insect hotels under expert guidance - either to take away yourself or to install immediately at a suitable location in Arosa. By the way, this course is also great to combine with the previous offers "The World of the Beekeeper" and "Forest Management with Forest Arosa".

Group size: up to 10 persons
Costs: on request

alpengarten-maran.jpeg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Weeding and remodeling of the alpine garden Maran

Did you know that we have a 4'000 m² experimental station for forage production and potatoes as well as a 1'000 m² alpine garden with about 500 vascular plants in Arosa? During one morning an expert will teach you the basics of the Arosa cultural landscape and you will get the chance to actively help weeding the alpine plants.

Group size: 3 - 5 persons (larger groups will be split up)
Costs/dates: on request

bike-rasenmaeher-august2020-12.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Management of bike trails or hiking trails

In order to always be able to offer the guests of Arosa a well-maintained network of hiking trails and perfectly prepared bike trails, a team from the municipality of Arosa takes care of the maintenance and repair of the trails. Support the maintenance team as a group with your muscle power and experience unforgettable moments in the Arosa mountain world, which literally weld together.

Group size: 10 - 15 persons
Dates/costs: on request


Resting bench from Arosa

Our benches are very popular. After 8 years, the seats are worn out due to the weather - here you can be part of the dismantling as well as the construction of a new bench live - both in the workshop and on site. If you are interested, you can also have your own bench made by a local craftsman and take it home with you.

Group size: up to 10 persons (larger groups possible on request)
Costs: on request

Flora, Fauna and Technology

Does your world revolve around plants, animals and technology? Learn more about the fascinating flora and fauna of Arosa or take a look behind the scenes of the Arosa Weisshorn lift company.


Maran Alpine Garden

In the Maran Alpine Garden you can find numerous alpine flowers in their natural setting and see the flora and fauna presented in their full magnificence. Not just a special experience for flower lovers.   Guided tours: on request

Additional Information


Protection. Forest. People

The Arosa nature trail starts at the picturesque Untersee lake and takes you along the churning Plessur river via the reservoir to Litzirüti then past the Langwieser viaduct to Langwies.   Duration: approx. 3 to 4 hours (excl. train journey) Cost: free with Arosa Card Nature trail brochure: CHF 1.00 per brochure (for groups), CHF 3.00 per brochure for individuals Costs for guide: ½ day (approx. 4 hrs) CHF 300.00 (excl. expenses) 1 day (approx. 7 h) CHF 500.00 (excl. expenses)

Bear Safari

Hiking has never been such fun! We guide you from town to town by SMS. When you arrive at the destination, you receive a souvenir prize from Arosa. Duration: the duration of the game is approx. 3 to 5 hours, depending on the use of the railways/public transport and age of the players. Cost: depends on provider Note: the course includes 5 questions

Visit to the Arosa Weisshorn resort lift

Would you like to take a look behind the scenes of a resort lift? Would you like to sniff the resort lift air and understand the complex processes of an aerial tramway? Do you want to know more about the technology used in a system of this type? We are happy to organise a guided tour of the Arosa lift company.   Meeting point: middle station of the Arosa resort lift Duration: approx. 1 hour Cost: free, but a contribution to the coffee kitty is always appreciated Note: max. 20 persons

Team Challenges

Anybody can be part of the team activities. Physical demands are not in the foreground, but motivation, fun and team success are.

Catapult Fling

Teamwork & action! The more efficiently and intelligently your team constructs its giant catapult, the more likely it is to hit the target in the shooting competition afterwards. This team-building event is also ideal for very large groups.Your mission today is to build catapults in teams, and launch them a in a competition at the end. The objective for your teams: the catapults are to be constructed by the team as quickly as possible in a construction competition. The catapult should then work, and be able to launch as far as possible. We provide timber, ropes and cords. Duration: approx. 2.5 to 3.5 hours, incl. prosecco  Up to 10 persons, flat rate of CHF 900.00   Price for more than 75 participants on request

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Build a Raft

Your mission is to build rafts in teams for a race to be held at the end. The objective: the rafts are to be built as quickly as possible in a construction competition. The raft should also be capable of floating and/or being ridden, and be as fast as possible yet completely safe. The race on the lake at the end is always a lot of fun. All team members should be able to fit on the raft. Our professional outdoor guides will look after you, pass on useful tips and provide all materials. Safety is ensured at all times.  Duration: around 3 hours  Up to 13 persons, flat rate of CHF 1,365.00 Each additional person: per person CHF 99.00  Neoprene suit and shoes on request. Grisons aperitif and BBQ catering on request Available: May to October Size of group: 5 - 120 persons

Build a Rope Bridge

We greet your participants at the bridge construction area. Your group is split into teams and we explain the “Build a Rope Bridge” project to you. Next you are asked to organise yourselves within your teams and construct the rope bridge. Our professional provide you with a detailed introduction to your mission and advise your teams as safety and technical experts. Duration: around 3 hours  Up to 13 persons, flat rate of CHF 1,250.00 Each additional person: per person CHF 90.00  Grisons aperitif and BBQ catering on request Available: all year Size of group: 5 - 30 persons 

Team Fun Challenge

Your participants, in their teams, test their skills in "tricky Olympic disciplines". Depending on the time available, your teams run to (for example) 6 stations, which are manned by our friendly guides. Examples: 1. “Angry Birds” 2. “Bear River - Strategy Planning” 3. “Archery” . 4. “Blind Square" 5. “Wheelbarrow Relay” 6. “Island Target - Team Strategy” 7. “Balls & Rings” 8. “Play the Alpine horn” 9. “Wellie flinging” The prices are for 6 games of your choice from the above list. Duration: 5-6 games, around 2.5 hours Up to 10 persons: flat rate CHF 900.00 Each additional person: CHF 89.00  Size of group: 5 - 500 persons

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An Alternative Treasure Hunt

Your mission is to work together to find the treasure of Arosa. Plenty of fun and a fantastic experience guaranteed. Depending on the time available, your teams run to 6 manned stations (for example) in order to complete tasks, solve puzzles and obtain clues to the hidden treasure.  Duration: 6 games, around 3-4 hours The prices are for 6 games of your choice from the list. Up to 10 persons: flat rate of CHF 1,000.00 Each additional person: per person CHF 95.00  Price for more than 50 participants on request.  Size of group: 5 - 200 persons

Outdoor fun

If you enjoy outdoor activities, Arosa offers almost everything, from scooters to climbing in the rope park to small-bore shooting. Look through the gallery and choose something suitable.



Hire a scooter and explore Arosa on two small wheels. The 1st section of the route starts at the Weisshorn resort lift. From there, it takes you above the Arlenwald forest on a pleasant route with wonderful views in the direction of the village. You can also take a break in the many restaurants along the route.   Cost for scooter hire: half day: CHF 16.00 Whole day: CHF 20.00 Train and cable-car ride free with Arosa Card Note: maximum 40 scooters available

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Chippin Golf

Equipped with a special club and soft rubber balls, you play around natural obstacles on a defined course. On the 9-hole course, every player can play to the best of their abilities, sometimes a good eye is needed and sometimes finesse but always ambition. At the end of the course, there is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a refreshment and hold a prize-giving ceremony at the middle station or in the Prätschli-Stall restaurant. Cost of equipment (min. 10 persons): CHF 10.00 Cost of instruction (incl. assessment & award ceremony): on request Cost for aperitif: on request

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Pedalo/Rowing Boat Fun Races

Set off across the Obersee lake in a pedalo competition or drift away and enjoy the idyllic landscape, watch the fish and ducks in their element. To make the races even more exciting, we also offer hook a duck (with rubber ducks). The players must hook as many rubber ducks as possible within a defined time - this gives them time credits. Fun is guaranteed! Rentals: with the Arosa Card, you can use the pedalos free of charge

Hochwang Archery Range

Take on a varied course with bow and arrow and shoot at 28 3-D animals. This is possible at the new archery park in Fatschél, St.Peter at 1500 m above sea level, from the start of June to approx. mid October. Introductory course: approx. 30 minutes Costs: incl. necessary equipment CHF 20.00 per person After the introductory course, anyone is capable of tackling the course.

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Small-bore shooting

Under the guidance of a range officer, you can test your marksmanship with small-bore firearms.   Cost: CHF 10.00 per person incl. use of weapon and ammunition Meeting point: Thursday, at 5 p.m. by the Isel shooting range Duration: approx. 2 hours


Do you enjoy sports? Let off steam and try out the Swiss-O-Finder, arrange a volleyball tournament or enjoy a round of golf. NEW: visit the Arosa rope park with your team or company outside of the standard opening hours.

Seilpark 1-Arosa.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli

Team and Company Events at the Rope Park

Enjoy an exclusive visit and climb the eight courses set in the heart of nature. Set your colleagues a challenge. We can also organise a barbecue, soup pot or exclusive catering for you. Important information: Daily from 4.30 p.m. (outside of opening times) Prices the same as group prices plus catering / food and drinks (next slide) Booking via or +41 81 378 70 27

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Rope Park

The Arosa rope park is included in the Arosa all-inclusive offer, one of a kind in Switzerland. The park is in the midst of the natural woodland on the “Waldfestwiese”. We guarantee climbing enthusiasts a unique experience on the eight courses.   Reservation fee: groups can reserve their visiting times in advance. 12 – 29 persons flat rate CHF 200.00 From 30 – max. 40 persons flat rate CHF 400.00

Additional Information

swiss-o-finder-1.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus / Nina Hardegger-Mattli


The Swiss-O-Finder initiative from the Swiss Orienteering Association is an easy introduction to this activity which combines map-reading with walking or running to offer two different challenges. The goal is to successfully find the stations.   Family distance: 1.2-1.8 km, 4 or 5 posts Sport distance: 4.9-5.4 km, 9 or 10 posts   Take your smartphone and scan the available QR codes to receive more information about Arosa and the surrounding area.

Swiss-O-Finder Arosa


Mountain Biking - All Mountain Tours

Discover the wonderful mountains with an expert guide or alone. You choose whether it should be challenging or more leisurely.   Cost for bike rental: half day: CHF 30.00 Whole day: CHF 40.00 Helmet rental costs: CHF 7.00 per day Equipment costs: CHF 14.00 per day Guide costs: on request Note: bike & protectors, for max. 10 persons

Panoramic Golf

On Europe’s highest 18-hole golf course, you can play golf in the midst of unique alpine flora and surrounded by the unrivalled mountain panorama of Arosa. The modern-rustic driving range is ready to help you achieve the perfect shot.   Cost for driving range: free with Arosa Card Tokens CHF 5.00 for 30 golf balls Cost for taster course: CHF 45.00 / person 1 hour, max. 14 persons Note: suitable as a bad weather alternative, as driving range is covered

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Beach Volley.jpg

Beach Volleyball Tournament

Why not play a beach volleyball tournament in the mountains? Here you can try out this fun sport on two volleyball courts at the Arosa lido. Court hire is free of charge. If you require additional equipment (antennas, boards, whistles etc.), we are happy to organise this for you.   Cost: on request


The Arosa tennis and badminton courts beckon you to play a match. A welcome opportunity to take part in some sport.   Sunstar Alpine Hotel Arosa: 1 indoor tennis/badminton court, 1 outdoor tennis court Own equipment must be used Space for 4-6 people Cost: on request

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Walking and Hiking

Arosa is perfect for long walks and hikes. You can enjoy fragrant alpine meadows and crystal-clear mountain lakes in the heart of this impressive mountain panorama when you are out for a stroll.


Squirrel Trail

The Squirrel Trail is 1.5 km long and is a really special experience because of the friendly little animals. Escape the pressures of daily life and let the squirrels and birds feed from your hand.   Cost: free Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hrs

Squirrel Trail


Hiking in and around Arosa

Discover Arosa and its surroundings on a guided hike. In addition to unforgettable mountain views, you may also see some wild game. If you so wish, an expert guide can accompany you and bring you closer to the fauna and flora of Arosa.   Cost: on request Note: two-day walks with overnight accommodation in a SAC mountain hut are also possible

Hiking in Arosa


Torchlight Hike

Wander through the fragrant mountain forest in the flickering light of the torches and enjoy a warm drink as a refreshment on the way. The evening hikes are very popular and end in a traditional restaurant with typical Graubünden evening meal.   Cost: torches CHF 5.00 each Guide CHF 60.00 per hour per guide Refreshment stop CHF 15.00 per person (assumed price)



Would you like to learn more about the history and culture of Arosa? With a guided tour, presentation or lecture, you can learn about the exciting history of the Walser settlement of Arosa.


Experience Strassberg - Liecht-Hengert

Go out, sit together, exchange news in the old Walser tradition. Enjoy the finest Schanfigger Birnbrot – a local pear bread speciality – as you listen to the stories and myths told by Myrtha and Hans Zippert at the Alten Sennerei. Meeting point: Alte Sennerei am Strassberg, Langwies Cost: flat-rate offer for groups and school groups on request CHF 15.00 adult / CHF 5.00 children from 12–16 years on request Duration: around 2 hours Transport for groups, Langweis - Strassberg on request



Experience Strassberg - Cheese-making Demonstration

The dairyman Walter Gadient and his assistant Walter Roth produce alpine cheese using traditional methods. They can let you into the secrets of cheese production. Stir the cheese vat and taste the Fondeier alpine cheese. Meeting point: Alte Sennerei am Strassberg, Langwies Cost: flat-rate offer for groups and school groups on request, CHF 15.00 adult / CHF 5.00 children from 12–16 years  Duration: around 2.5 hours Transport for groups, Langweis - Strassberg on request



Experience Strassberg - Walser Cultural Tour

Cultural tour with Hans Mettier-Heinrich, who grew up as a child in Hochtal. He talks about the stories, the customs and how people used to live in the Walser region. The cultural tour is finished off with a visit to the modern-day alpine farm and, as the highlight of the visit, an original Walser house. Meeting point: Berggasthaus Strassberg, Langwies Cost: flat-rate offer for groups and school groups on request CHF 15.00 adult / CHF 5.00 children from 12–16 years Duration: around 2 hours Transport for groups, Langweis - Strassberg on request


"Eggahuus" Museum of Local History, Schanfigg

Nobody is quite sure what the house on the "Egga" was originally used for: we just know it was first mentioned in the records in 1550. It may well have been a sort of meeting hall for the villagers – just as it is today. Learn more about the history of our village and the surrounding area.   Cost: CHF 3.00 per person, approx. CHF 250.00 for tours outside of official opening hours Opening times: Tuesday and Friday from 2.30 - 4.30 pm

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Bergkirchli Church, Arosa

Be enthralled by the oldest church in Schanfigg, which sits enthroned above the Kulmwiese landscape. Concerts: Tuesdays from 5 pm Visit: by arrangement Cost: CHF 20.00 for adults CHF 15.00 for apprentices and students
Christian Sprecher.jpg

Presentations and Lectures

Whether he's talking about biographies of Grisons confectioners who have emigrated, the contemporary history of the Arosa Railway or the lies of “Baron von Münchhausen” – Christian Sprecher knows how to enchant his listeners. The local actor and snow sports instructor has known Arosa since childhood and also has a few exciting stories to tell from his own life there. Topic selection: • “A Modern Christmas Story” • “The Adventurous Tales of Baron von Münchhausen“ • “Grisons Confectioners Abroad" • “The Baron in the Trees” • “100 years of RhB Chur-Arosa” • Other topics are available on request. Cost: on request

Presentations and Lectures

Surprise your guests with an exciting slide presentation. Ms Ruth Licht is a master at quickly casting a spell over all those present and with her knowledge, combined with topical images, she takes them back in time. The following topics are available: • 100 Jahre Arosa Werbung [100 years of Arosa promotion] • Der Arosa Gast von damals [The Arosa guest of yore] • 500 Jahre Bergkirchli [500 years of the Bergkirchli chapel] • Chur-Arosa-Bahn [Chur-Arosa railway] • Aroser Sagen [Arosa legends] • Vom Bergbauerndorf zum Weltkurort [From a small mountain village to world-renowned spa town] Costs: on request

An Alternative Way to Travel

Are you interested in travelling by a rather special mode of transport? How about a trip in a old-time restaurant car, scenic carriage or the Piano Bar?


Alpine Classic Pullman

It is not just the comfortable armchairs, the romantic observation windows, wonderful window tables or the exquisite teak inlay that make the Alpine Classic Pullman so elegant. It is in fact the aesthetic perfection, the harmony of all of these details. And thus, the four carriages, each with 32 seats, also create the perfect environment for superior company excursions, birthday trips, customer events or wedding parties. Service included.  Service includes: Costs for own carriage: Chur-Arosa single approx. CHF 1,200.00, return approx. CHF 2,000.00 Costs for entire train: Chur-Arosa on request

Gourmino - The Rolling Tempation

Magical countryside to see and the finest aromas. In the rolling period restaurant on the Rhaetian Railway, which seats 34, you can experience culinary and alpine treats! Cost: single CHF 550.00 return CHF 950.00 Additional carriage: CHF 1,500.00 Minimum consumption: up to 1 hour CHF 1,800.00, up to 2 hours CHF 2,200.00, from 3 hours CHF 3,000.00

Stiva Retica – Graubünden Hostelry on Wheels

Graubünden is a hearty place. Particularly in its village inns, where mountain farmers and hunters come to tell their legends and stories. The Stiva Retica is one such establishment with 7 tables seating four, one large communal table, one staffed bar serving beer on tap and wine by the glass with bags of rustic romance. And as in any true Graubünden inn, there are also Salsiz sausages and mountain cheese, Veltiner wine and beer. The Stiva Retica can seat a maximum of 44 persons. If required, with bar keeper.   Cost: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,000.00 return CHF 1,700.00

Piano Bar

The journey is the destination. It’s a relaxing way to end the working day with a refreshment. A pianist plays for you, just like in the good old days. Enjoy modern design combined with nostalgic details and freshly mixed drinks. We have room for 23 guests. Train travel with style: try out our Piano Bar. Celebrate your party on the train - or enjoy a drink on the way to a party We will serve you the perfect mix. Costs for individual carriage: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,250.00 return CHF 2,200.00

Bernina Express Panoramic Carriage

Whether it is an ibex standing on the mountainside or the snow-covered peaks glistening in the sun. You can see everything from the panorama carriage of the Rhaetian Railway. Provided you don’t close your eyes with enjoyment. For legendary wonderful experiences with a view of the mountains in their full magnificence, 1st or 2nd class.   Costs for individual carriage: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,050.00 return CHF 1,800.00

Open Panoramic Carriage

A journey in any carriage on the Rhaetian Railway is just heavenly. From the open scenic carriages, however, the sky is almost close enough to touch and the trip is such superb fun. The open scenic carriages have no glass, nor any heating. There is a headwind, fresh air and heavenly enjoyment. Unless you are travelling through a infernally dark tunnel. Cost for single carriage: single CHF 800.00 return CHF 1,400.00 Note: 12 carriages are available, each with 36 seats, and also one carriage with 60 seats. In summer, there is also a scheduled timetable for travel in the open scenic carriages between Chur and Arosa (seat reservation is not possible in these carriages).
Air Grischa.jpg

Helicopter Rides

Destination: by helicopter to Arosa or back the other way! Our partner, Swiss Helicopter AG, has a lot of experience in planning and providing VIP and taxi flights. We can take you quickly and comfortably to any business meeting - in Switzerland or abroad. Sightseeing flight: enjoy a bird's eye view of the unparalleled Grisons mountain landscape as you fly over the magnificent mountain peaks. Number of passengers: max. 5 persons Price: CHF 1,960.00 for a 30-minute sightseeing flight around Arosa Sample cost for journeys: Zurich Airport – Arosa or Arosa – Zurich Airport Number of passengers: max. 5 persons Price: flat rate CHF 4,400.00

Horse-drawn Carriage Ridesn

Carriage rides, which are so popular in winter, are also available in summer, although the routes are sometimes changed. Enjoy a leisurely trip through the mountain landscape and sip a refreshing prosecco on the way. Duration: depending on the route 30 minutes - 2 hours Cost: depending on route

Cabrio Postauto

Discover the sense of freedom with the yellow PostAuto Cabriolet. It has comfortable coach seats, flat-screen TV and a radio/DVD/MP3 player. Put your seat back and enjoy a refreshing beverage from our refrigerator. The glass roof of the PostAuto Cabriolet ensures good views, even in bad weather. Brand: Mercedes 516 Blue Tec Year: 2017 Seats: 19 seats, 1 tour guide seat with microphone, seats with back and side adjustment, armrests on aisle side, folding table

Indoor Fun

If the weather is bad, our indoor activities offer a good alternative.



If the weather is bad, it’s worth paying a visit to our skittles and bowling alleys. After a short introduction, you will be ready to roll!   Cost for bowling: approx. CHF 25.00 per hour (on request) Location: Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa, HRK Ramoz Litzirüti

Ice Hockey

Get kitted out in all the right gear and take the boss down with an expert body check, or weave your way through rows of opponents. We guarantee that you'll soon be sweating, in spite of the low temperatures. Cost: hire of ice rink incl. match clock and cloakroom CHF 180.00, hire of equipment per player CHF 30.00 (excl. ice skates), hire of ice skates CHF 6.00, instruction: CHF 60.00 per hour Note: there is a total of 20 full kits available
Hallenbad_Panorama_Sunstar Hotel Arosa Schweiz_s.jpg


If you would like to relax and just let your soul float away, then enjoy an afternoon in our public hotel baths.   Cost: from CHF 15.00 to CHF 25.00 per person

Fun Casino Night

You visit different stations to play for chips. Here are the different games available: 1. American Roulette, 2. Black Jack, 3. Texas Hold’em, 4. XXL Table Football, 5. “Nagelstock” [Hammer and Nails Game] Optional: If you need a break from gambling, enjoy some peace and quiet in the small whisky and cigar lounge. Alternatively: if you do not want an organised tournament, we are happy to provide the games for you. Group size: 30 - 200 persons
business-poker.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Poker- or Casinonight

A casino night as a supporting programme or a personal poker night, that offers more than just entertainment. Poker is not only an entertaining and exciting game - it is much more. You and your employees will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge of poker to your everyday work in a fun way from the next working day. Duration of activity: 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices: From CHF 70.00 for a Casino Night From CHF 110.00 for a Poker-Night   
jass.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Jass tournament

Experience a typical Swiss games night with your team. The advanced players start off with an exciting tournament, while the beginners learn the game and enter the tournament later on, once they are confident with the rules. Duration of the activity : 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices per person From CHF 90.00 for a jazz tournament
werte-poker-workshop.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Values- or Pokerworkshop

Choose between a values workshop or a business poker workshop. You will learn why good players are more successful in the business world. Duration of the activity: 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices per person: From CHF 140.00 for a workshop

Arosa MICE

We are experts in group, company and club events and have many years of experience in organising everything from small, low-key events to grand events on a large scale. Just leave all the organisation to us – we can make enquiries to hotels for you, put together your social programme and send you a final invoice at the end of the event. Leaving you to relax and look forward to your event.

Booking Conditions

Flat-rate order charges
We charge a fee of 10% of the total cost of the event for our services (organisation, bookings, invoicing, customer support). The processing fee becomes payable only when a definitive booking is made. If the percentage processing fee is below CHF 150.00, a flat-rate minimum processing fee of CHF 150.00 is charged.

Cancellation conditions (excl. Team Spirit)

Unless otherwise agreed and unless otherwise specified by the service providers already booked, the following cancellation fees apply in the case of full or partial cancellations (more than 50% of the persons booked):
• Cancellation up to 30 days before the event: 0% of the latest cost overview
• Cancellation up to 29-15 days before the event: 25% of the latest cost overview
• Cancellation up to 14-7 days before the event: 50% of the latest cost overview
• Cancellation less than 7 days before the event: 100% of the latest cost overview

The flat-rate minimum processing fee of CHF 150.00 will be invoiced in each case of cancellation. The cancellation conditions for Team Spirit events are listed on page 16.