Winter activities for Groups

Arosa in winter? A fairy tale. Let Arosa enchant you with its unique, wintery athmosphere and enjoy an unforgettable time with your group.

Hiking and walking

Enjoy your time in the fresh mountain air of the Arosa winter wonderland: go snow-shoeing or winter hiking, take a walk, or – for something a bit different – a walk by torchlight.


Squirrel Trail

The Squirrel Trail is 1.5 km long and its friendly little animals make it a really special experience. Escape from everyday life and let the squirrels and birds feed from your hand.
Coster: free
Duration: approx. 1 1/2 hrs

More about Squirrel Trail


Hiking in and around Arosa

Discover Arosa and the local area with a guided hike. In addition to unforgettable mountain views, you may also have the opportunity to see one or more types of wild game. If required, an expert guide can also accompany you and bring you closer to the fauna and flora of Arosa.
Cost: on request
Note: two-day walks with overnight accommodation in a SAC mountain hut are also possible

Winter Hiking in Arosa


Snow Shoe Hiking

Arosa offers guided snow shoe day hikes. Also the evening hikes are very popular - possibly ending in a traditional Swiss restaurant. We are happy to organize a Fondue or Raclette dinner for you. Take the illuminated sledging run back to the village after dinner.

Length: 1-3 hours
Costs: Euqipment CHF 21.00 per person, guide from CHF 60.00 per hour, depending on lengeth of the hike and size of the gorup
Additional Information: for childern from the age of 8 years


Torchlight Walk

Stroll through the fragrant forest by candlelight carrying torches and enjoy a restorative hot drink along the way. The evening walks, which end in a traditional restaurant with a typical Grisons supper, are very popular.
Cost: torches CHF 5.00 each
Guide CHF 60.00 per hour per guide
Refreshment stop CHF 15.00 per person (assumed price)

Winter Sports

If you want to get active, Arosa has numerous sporting facilities: from curling and ice hockey to a cross-country skiing taster course, anything is possible.


Curling and Ice Stock

Venture onto the smooth ice. You are introduced to curling under expert instruction. And soon you'll be successfully sending your first stones “home” . A small tournament is held afterwards to find the group champion, and then you can warm up your numb fingers with a spicy mulled wine. Curling, and the exciting alternative ice stock sport, which can also be played in the snow, are held outside.   Duration: 2 hours Cost: CHF 15.00 per person for groups for curling, instructor: CHF 60.00 per hour Aperitif: on request

Ice Hockey

Get kitted out in all the right gear and take the boss down with an expert body check, or weave your way through rows of opponents. We guarantee that you'll soon be sweating, in spite of the low temperatures.   Cost: hire of ice rink incl. match clock and cloakroom CHF 180.00, hire of equipment per player CHF 30.00 (excl. ice skates), hire of ice skates CHF 6.00, instruction: CHF 60.00 per hour Note: there is a total of 30 full kits available

Cross-country Skiing – Taster Courses

Experience nature in its all its wintry, snow-covered glory on the cross-country ski trails around Arosa.   Cost for private lesson: CHF 95.00, each additional person CHF 20.00 Cost for taster course: CHF 65.00 per person incl. equipment for 1 hour Note: A total of 30 kilometres of trails are prepared for you to enjoy on Maran, Prätschalp/Ochsenalp and on Isel.

Cross-country Skiing



Enjoy a day on the sledge and race through the snowy winter landscape. Who will be first to the bottom?   Cost: toboggan pass (mountain railways) CHF 29.00 per person, route RhB Langwies-Arosa free with ski pass, hire of 2-person toboggan: from CHF 10.00 each, toboggan guide flat-rate CHF 250.00 Note: There are 3 toboggan runs available

Sledging in Arosa


Snowbiking Taster Course

Snowbiking gives you a whole new winter sports experience. Whether you prefer carving, rebounding, cruising or powder runs – anything's possible on a snowbike. Under expert tuition, you experience an exciting taster course with lots of fun and action.   Duration: 2 hours Cost: up to 4 persons: CHF 60.00 per person, from 5 persons: CHF 40.00 per person Note: incl. snowbike & instructor, excl. ski pass, maximal 10 persons per group

Team Building

The activities are organised so that everyone can take part. The focus is not on physical effort, but on motivation, fun and success in a shared team experience. We apply the principle of “challenge by choice”, i.e. everyone decides for themselves whether or not to take part in an exercise.


Fun Ski and Snowboard Fun Racing

Unleash your inner Carlo Janka by testing your skills in the giant slalom. There are two different courses available and both are equipped with electronic timers. As skiing ability can vary greatly within the group, there is the option to include obstacles. This increases the chances for non-skiers and, at the same time, the fun factor. Cost: 1 race 2 races 1 - 20 participants CHF 500.00 CHF 700.00 21 - 50 participants CHF 700.00 CHF 850.00 51 - 100 participants CHF 850.00 CHF 1,200.00 101 - 200 participants CHF 1,200.00 CHF 1,700.00 For more than 200 participants and for fun races, prices on request

The Treasure of Arosa

Boost your team spirit and spend an exciting few hours in the fresh air. Split into teams, you face exciting challenges to prove yourselves worthy as keepers of the treasure of Arosa. Examples: The team adventures “Bear River” and “Geyser” The “Long Ski Course” and “Ice Fishing” The strategy game “Avalanche Rescue”  Duration: 6 games, around 3-4 hours Prices (plus VAT) Up to 10 persons, flat rate of CHF 1,000.00 Each additional person: CHF 95.00 per person  Price for more than 50 participants on request Size of group: 5 - 200 persons
Schnee schnitzen.jpg

Building snow sculptures & bars or igloos

With professional instruction, build snow sculptures, your company logo, a snow bar (which is then thoroughly tested, of course) or a small igloo. Together you overcome unfamiliar tasks and build an “Eskimo bar” from snow tiles using saws, vessels and snow. Those who don’t feel like “working” are entertained with fun team games (e.g. long-ski challenge, snow sculptures, snow shoe rally). Duration: 1 – 2 hours Up to 10 persons, flat rate of CHF 680.00  Each additional person: per person CHF 50.00 Price for more than 50 participants on request Size of group: 5 - 500 persons

Tele GPS Orientierung

Team-building, technology and nature: Team@Tele-GPSOrienteering is an innovative, sustainable team-building experience. Through forests and valleys on skis, snowboards or on foot! Our guides instruct you in your activity and provide all materials. The mission for your teams is to guide your partner team to various GPS coordinates by walkie-talkie and finally meet up at your joint destination. No team knows its own path. The treasure chest can only be opened when all teams have reached the destination. Duration: 3 games, around 3.5-4 hours  Up to 10 persons, flat rate of CHF 1,000.00 Each additional person: CHF 99.00 per person   Size of group: 5 - 90 persons 

Yeti Hunt

Arosa is under threat from the Yeti! But where is he hiding? The first clues are provided by the mountain troll Montafix, who looks after you during this experience. Your team must spread out and search for the mythical creature in a defined area. Equipped with a net and some tools, you try to catch the Yeti. You can expect an exciting and fascinating day in the snow. Duration: approx. 3 hours, incl. aperitif at the end Prices (plus VAT) Up to 13 persons: flat rate CHF 1,365.00, Price for more than 40 participants on request Size of group: 5 - 150 persons

Catapult Fling: Construction & Chute Challenge

Teamwork & action! The more efficiently and intelligently your team constructs its giant catapult, the more likely it is to hit the target in the shooting competition afterwards. The goals for your team: the catapults should be constructed by the team as quickly as possible in a construction competition. The catapults should not only be stable, they should also be able to fire as far as possible. We provide timber, ropes and cords.  Duration: approx. 2.5 to 3.5 hours Prices (plus VAT) Up to 10 persons: flat rate CHF 900.00 Each additional person: CHF 85.00  Price for more than 75 participants on request

Unique Experiences

Experience Arosa in a rather unique and special way. You are sure to remember a piste basher ride, helicopter trip or being pulled along in a husky-driven sled for a long time.


Horse-drawn Carriage Rides

Enjoy a leisurely carriage ride through the sparkling mountain landscape and sip a refreshing prosecco on the way.   Duration: depending on route 30 mins - 2 hours Cost: depending on route


Air Grischa.jpg

Helicopter Rides

Destination: by helicopter to Arosa or back the other way! Our partner, Swiss Helicopter AG, has a lot of experience in planning and providing VIP and taxi flights. We can take you quickly and comfortably to any business meeting - in Switzerland or abroad. Sightseeing flight: enjoy a bird's eye view of the unparalleled Grisons mountain landscape as you fly over the magnificent mountain peaks. Number of passengers: max. 5 persons Price: CHF 1,960.00 for a 30-minute sightseeing flight around Arosa Sample cost for journeys: Zurich Airport – Arosa or Arosa – Zurich Airport Number of passengers: max. 5 persons Price: flat rate CHF 4,400.00

Culinary Delights

Experience a culinary flight of fancy in Arosa. Whether literally in the lofty heights enjoying evening drinks in a resort lift, or with a wine or alpine food tasting session at the hotel.


Resort lift Aperitif

You feel as if you are flying over Arosa. You almost are, because you are travelling to the middle or top station by cable-car, slowly, pylon by pylon. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you hanging around! Instead, we will serve you an aperitif during your ride in the gondola – it’s sure to be a unique experience. Sip a glass of champagne, nibble a snack and enjoy the view of Arosa at night. Cost: depending on the route, group size and required aperitif Note: evenings only (before dusk) and in conjunction with an evening meal at a mountain restaurant.

Alpine Cuisine Tasting

AlpenHirt stands for fine cuisine from the Grisons Alps. Experience the food and culture of the alpine region with AlpenHirt, Grisons Start-up of the Year 2014, and learn how Grisons dried meat is produced in an elaborate procedure and using an ancient family recipe.   Duration: around 1 hour Cost: 2 - 5 guests CHF 35.00 per person, 6 - 20 guests CHF 30.00 per person Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9.30 am – 12 noon and 2 pm – 6 pm Comments: This activity is held in Tschiertschen. Additional information on request

Wine Tasting at the Waldhotel National

The wine list at the Waldhotel National includes around 360 wines of different provenances. Each year, the people in charge of the wines at the Waldhotel National take the time to develop the wine list with their partners. Our resident wine expert will give personal guidance and advice to make this tasting a truly unforgettable experience.   Duration: around 2 hours Cost: around CHF 100.00 per person Content: Tasting of 6 wines (3 red, 3 white), tasty snacks in between and a parting gift from the Waldhotel National

Cultural activities

Would you like to learn about the history and culture of Arosa? Find out about the exciting background to the Walser settlement of Arosa by attending a tour, presentation or lecture.


Bergkirchli Church, Arosa

Be entranced by the oldest church in Schanfigg, which sits quaintly enthroned above the Kulmwiese.   Concerts: Tuesdays from 5 p.m. Tour: on request Cost: CHF 20.00 for adults CHF 15.00 for apprentices and students

"Eggahuus" Museum of Local History, Schanfigg

The original purpose of the house on the “Egga”, which was first mentioned in 1550, is unclear. It was probably some form of meeting place for the village residents - and this is still the case today. Dive into the history of the town and the region. Opening times: Tuesday and Friday from 2.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m. Cost: CHF 3.00 per person approx. CHF 250.00 for guided tours outside of official opening hours
Christian Sprecher.jpg

Presentations and Lectures

Whether biographies of Graubünden confectioners who have emigrated, the contemporary history of the Arosa railway, or the lies of “Baron von Münchhausen” - Christian Sprecher knows how to enthrall his listeners. The local actor and snow sports instructor has known Arosa since childhood. The following topics can be selected:   • “Eine moderne Weihnachtsgeschichte” [A modern Christmas story], at Christmas • “Die abenteuerlichen Geschichten des Baron von Münchhausen” [The adventures of Baron von Münchhausen] • “Bündner Konditoren im Ausland” [Graubünden confectioners abroad], • “Baron auf den Bäumen” [Baron on the trees] adventure story • “100 Jahre RhB Chur-Arosa” [100 years of RhB Chur-Arosa railway] Cost: on request

Presentations and Lectures

Surprise your guests with an exciting slide presentation. Ms Ruth Licht is a master at quickly casting a spell over all those present and with her knowledge, combined with topical images, she takes them back in time. The following topics are available: • 100 Jahre Arosa Werbung [100 years of Arosa promotion] • Der Arosa Gast von damals [The Arosa guest of yore] • 500 Jahre Bergkirchli [500 years of the Bergkirchli chapel] • Chur-Arosa-Bahn [Chur-Arosa railway] • Aroser Sagen [Arosa legends] • Vom Bergbauerndorf zum Weltkurort [From a small mountain village to world-renowned spa town] Costs: on request

An Alternative Way to Travel

Are you interested in an different mode of travel? What about a trip in the nostalgia restaurant, the panorama carriage or the Piano Bar?


Alpine Classic Pullman

It is not just the comfortable armchairs, the romantic observation windows, wonderful window tables or the exquisite teak inlay that make the Alpine Classic Pullman so elegant. It is in fact the aesthetic perfection, the harmony of all of these details. And thus, the four carriages, each with 32 seats, also create the perfect environment for superior company excursions, birthday trips, customer events or wedding parties. Service included.  Service includes: Costs for own carriage: Chur-Arosa single approx. CHF 1,200.00, return approx. CHF 2,000.00 Costs for entire train: Chur-Arosa on request

Gourmino - The Rolling Tempation

Magical countryside to see and the finest aromas. In the rolling period restaurant on the Rhaetian Railway, which seats 34, you can experience culinary and alpine treats! Cost: single CHF 550.00 return CHF 950.00 Additional carriage: CHF 1,500.00 Minimum consumption: up to 1 hour CHF 1,800.00, up to 2 hours CHF 2,200.00, from 3 hours CHF 3,000.00

Stiva Retica – Graubünden Hostelry on Wheels

Graubünden is a hearty place. Particularly in its village inns, where mountain farmers and hunters come to tell their legends and stories. The Stiva Retica is one such establishment with 7 tables seating four, one large communal table, one staffed bar serving beer on tap and wine by the glass with bags of rustic romance. And as in any true Graubünden inn, there are also Salsiz sausages and mountain cheese, Veltiner wine and beer. The Stiva Retica can seat a maximum of 44 persons. If required, with bar keeper.   Cost: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,000.00 return CHF 1,700.00

Piano Bar

The journey is the destination. It’s a relaxing way to end the working day with a refreshment. A pianist plays for you, just like in the good old days. Enjoy modern design combined with nostalgic details and freshly mixed drinks. We have room for 23 guests. Train travel with style: try out our Piano Bar. Celebrate your party on the train - or enjoy a drink on the way to a party We will serve you the perfect mix. Costs for individual carriage: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,250.00 return CHF 2,200.00

Bernina Express Panoramic Carriage

Whether it is an ibex standing on the mountainside or the snow-covered peaks glistening in the sun. You can see everything from the panorama carriage of the Rhaetian Railway. Provided you don’t close your eyes with enjoyment. For legendary wonderful experiences with a view of the mountains in their full magnificence, 1st or 2nd class.   Costs for individual carriage: Chur-Arosa single CHF 1,050.00 return CHF 1,800.00

Indoor Fun

When the weather is bad, our indoor activities are a good alternative.





If the weather is bad, it’s worth paying a visit to our skittles and bowling alleys. After a short introduction, you will be ready to roll!   Cost for bowling: approx. CHF 25.00 per hour (on request) Location: Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa, HRK Ramoz Litzirüti


Test your strategic thinking skills in a chess tournament and take part in absorbing matches with professional guidance.   Cost: on request
Hallenbad_Panorama_Sunstar Hotel Arosa Schweiz_s.jpg


If you would like to relax and just let your soul float away, then enjoy an afternoon in our public hotel baths.   Cost: from CHF 15.00 to CHF 25.00 per person

Fun Casino Night

You visit different stations to play for chips. Here are the different games available: 1. American Roulette, 2. Black Jack, 3. Texas Hold’em, 4. XXL Table Football, 5. “Nagelstock” [Hammer and Nails Game] Optional: If you need a break from gambling, enjoy some peace and quiet in the small whisky and cigar lounge. Alternatively: if you do not want an organised tournament, we are happy to provide the games for you. Group size: 30 - 200 persons
business-poker.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Poker- or Casinonight

A casino night as a supporting programme or a personal poker night, that offers more than just entertainment. Poker is not only an entertaining and exciting game - it is much more. You and your employees will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge of poker to your everyday work in a fun way from the next working day. Duration of activity: 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices: From CHF 70.00 for a Casino Night From CHF 110.00 for a Poker-Night   
jass.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Jass tournament

Experience a typical Swiss games night with your team. The advanced players start off with an exciting tournament, while the beginners learn the game and enter the tournament later on, once they are confident with the rules. Duration of the activity : 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices per person From CHF 90.00 for a jazz tournament
werte-poker-workshop.jpg | © Arosa Tourismus

Values- or Pokerworkshop

Choose between a values workshop or a business poker workshop. You will learn why good players are more successful in the business world. Duration of the activity: 3-5 hours Group size: 5-200 Prices per person: From CHF 140.00 for a workshop

Arosa MICE

We are experts in arrange events for groups, companies or clubs and have many years of experience in organising everything from small, intimate events to large sumptuous events. Leave the organisation to us, from A to Z - we can contact hotels for you, put together your supporting programme and then send you a final invoice at the end of the event. You can thus relax and look forward to your event.

Booking Conditions

For our services (organisation, reservations, invoicing, support) we charge a fee of 10% of the total event cost. However, this handling fee is only paid if a definitive booking is made. If the percentage handling fee does not exceed CHF 150.00, a minimum handling fee of CHF 150.00 is charged.

Cancellation conditions (excl. Team Spirit)

Unless agreed otherwise and specified otherwise by booked service providers, the following cancellation fees apply for complete and partial cancellations (over 50% of registered persons):

• Withdrawal up to 30 days before the event: 0% of the current cost overview
• Withdrawal 29-15 days before the event: 25% of the current cost overview
• Withdrawal 14-7 days before the event: 50% of the current cost overview
• Withdrawal less than 7 days before the event: 100% of the current cost overview

The minimum handling fee of CHF 150.00 is invoiced in every case of cancellation.