MTB insider tips in the Bike Kingdom

The best MTB trails in the Bike Kingdom away from the hustle and bustle

The Bike Kingdom is extensive and includes several regions. The best-known trails such as the Great White, Hörnli Trail or the Bike Kingdom Park are well known and much used. Just outside the urban centres, however, you can still discover true trail gems. Most of them are more difficult to reach than via a lift ride, but are well worth the effort.

Insider tip #1 - Welschtobel

The Welschtobel is not really an insider tip. Word has spread about the desolation and beauty of the valley. However, due to the difficult accessibility with pushing and carrying passages, few bikers still dare to embark on this adventure. Due to the technical difficulty and the required endurance, we recommend this tour only to experienced mountain bikers.

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Insider tip #2 – Medergen

Varied tour with a visit to the old Walser settlement of Medergen (Arosa) and a cool but challenging single trail back to Arosa. Only suitable for advanced bikers.

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Insider Tip #3 - The Albula Valley

Called Southern Delights, the Albula Valley also offers the best trails on the edge of the main season. Early or even late in the season, when the high alpine tours are still or already covered in snow, the south of Lenzerheide is still an insider tip. The trails have no lift or shuttle connections and therefore have to be explored using your own muscle power. The return journey from Lenzerheide to Lantsch/Lenz can of course also be made by post bus to save energy. 

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Insider Tip #4 - Spundisköpfe

Chur and mountain biking? Many people first think of the Mittenberg and the Alpenbikepark. But the region has much more to offer! At Brambrüesch, for example, bikers will find real trail gems. The Spundisköpfe, one of Nino's favourite trails in the region, can be reached by cable car and a few metres in altitude under your own steam. No wonder Nino Schurter is one of the best downhill riders in the Cross Country World Cup.

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