Skill Center

The perfect infrastructure for improving your bike skills

The new Skill Center at the Hörnli-Express valley station offers children in particular a suitable platform to prepare for the bike experiences in Arosa.

With four different practice trails as well as a conveyor belt, a perfect infrastructure is available for beginners. The structure of the Skill Center corresponds to the training concept of the Arosa Bikeschool, which combines bike technic with playful elements with the Bear Bike-Gang.

All facts about the Skill Center

Beni's Loops

The loops in the Skill Center appeal to children between the ages of 5 and 7, but like all other trails, they can also be used by adults. In the trail there are a simple stone field, generous landing skids, waves/valley tracks, a simple footbridge and a seesaw for beginners.


Ella's Flow

The Flowtrail is perfectly suitable for children between 8 and 12 years and prepares them ideally for the "right Flowtrail" at the Hörnli. Corresponding approach curves and wave/valley tracks ensure the right flow. In order to keep the exercise effect high, a small jump has also been integrated.


Gian's Jumps

The two technical trails offer children between the ages of 10 and 14 tighter curves, two jumps and drops made of stone. The second trail has a single trail character, is narrower and contains tricky stone elements. Ideal for practicing single trails and a later trip to Lenzerheide to the bike park.

Skill Center Facts

Trails four practice trails with different levels of difficulty
Costs The Skill Center is available to all users free of charge.
Location Hörnli-Express valley station
Infrastructure Next to the Skill Center there is a kiosk. Toilets can be used at the Hörnli-Express valley station.
Bikeschool the Skill Center and the kiosk are run by the Arosa Bikeschool
Kiosk the kiosk next to the Skill Center offers hot and cold drinks and snacks for refreshment
Rental directly at the Skill Center you can rent the appropriate bike-equipment from Luzi Sport
Restaurants the nearest restaurants:
- Restaurant Erzhorn
- Restaurant Gspan
- Restaurant Grischuna
- Alpenblick
Access to the Skill Center by bus to the Hörnli-Express valley station
by car to the Hörnli-Express parking lot
by bike to the Weisshorn middle station and along the hiking trail to Hörnli


The Skill Center and the kiosk are open during the operating hours of the Hörnli-Express gondola lift. The times also correspond to the operating hours of the gondola lift. If the Skill Center has to be closed due to weather conditions, this will be published on the Arosa Lenzerheide website in the warning area.

Gondola lift Hörnli-Express
Hörnli valley - mountain
open daily
1. July - 22. October 2023
08.45 - 16.30
last descent 16.45 at Hörnli


Day tickets Adults (16+) Children
Adults with Arosa Card Children with Arosa Card
Bike Kingdom
Arosa Lenzerheide
CHF 54.00 CHF 27.00 CHF 38.00

CHF 19.00

Single journeys
Arosa - Hörnli*
CHF 18.00 CHF 9.00 CHF 13.00 CHF 6.00
  • Children up to the 6th birthday travel free of charge
  • Mountain bikes are transported free of charge on all Arosa Bergbahnen AG lifts with the summer season ticket, the Bike Around Pass and the TOPCARD.
  • Throughout the year you can take the Arosa Bus for free on the Hörnli-Express - Prätschli and Hörnli-Express - Untersee routes.
  • All information on all Arosa Bergbahnen AG tariffs can be found here
  • *No bike transport is possible with the Arosa Card. For individual trips, a mountain trip with bike transport can be purchased (discount with Arosa Card: 30%).
  1. Adjust the speed according to your ability and the difficulty of the slope. It must be possible to stop on sight at any time. Stop only next to the lane. In the event of a fall, clear the lane immediately.
  2. Helmet, gloves and bell are mandatory. We recommend a helmet and protectors.
  3. Follow the signals and instructions of the staff. The Skill Center also has general mountain bike rules and traffic regulations.
  4. If you need help, please contact the supervisory staff or rescue service no. 144.

    Use of the Skill Center is at your own risk. The operators of the facility, landowners and managers reject any liability. In case of non-observance of the rules and regulations we can unfortunately not transport you and your bike.

The trails of the Skill Center are signposted accordingly. Please follow these signs and follow the published rules according to the information boards at the entrance to the Skill Center.