Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

Von der ersten Funibahn von Val Sporz nach Tgantieni bis zur modernen Gondelbahn. Tauchen Sie ein in die Geschichte der Lenzerheide Bergbahnen.
In the past

Funicular from Val Sporz to Tgantieni

The ski circus on Lenzerheide begins with the commissioning of the Funibahn from Val Sporz to Tgantieni. With 16 places and a transport capacity of less than 100 people per hour, it is the engine of the young winter tourism in the region.



Foundation of Schnell-Lifte und Sesselbahn Tgantieni-Piz Scalottas AG with the construction of the Scalottas and Tgantieni ski lifts.


New location of the Funicular

After the construction of the Tgantieni chairlift, the Funicular now finds its place of operation in Valbella, thus laying the foundation stone for the founding of the Stätzerhorn Ski- und Sessellift AG, which will open up the Stätzerhorn and Pradaschier ski areas from Churwalden over the next few years.


Aerial cableway Parpaner Rothorn AG

The Parpaner Rothorn AG aerial cableway is founded on the east side, and skiing begins in the winter of 1963.



Stätzerhorn Ski- und Sessellift AG merges with Skilifte Parpan AG, which operated the Sartons and Heimberg lifts.


Rothornbahn and Scalottas AG

Merger of the Rothornbahn with the Schnell-Lifte und Sesselbahn Tgantieni-Piz Scalottas AG to form Rothornbahn und Scalottas AG. The new company is the only one to operate facilities on both the east and west sides.


Foundation of Sportbahnen Danis AG

Foundation of Sportbahnen Danis AG, closing the gap between the Scalottas and Stätzerhorn areas.

First tariff association Stätzerhorn and Danis AG.


Expansion of the tariff association

Expansion of the tariff association with the introduction of a regional season and day ticket as well as combination tickets that guests could vary according to their wishes.


Interconnection ticket is launched

The actual Interconnection ticket is launched. From now on, there is one ski ticket for the entire region, the individual ski areas can now be experienced with a single ticket, a cooperation agreement between the resort lifts and the introduction of electronic data collection devices regulates the distribution of revenue.


Foundation Pradaschier AG

After Stätzerhorn AG decided to close the Pradaschier ski site, a local community of interests took over the Pradaschier and Windegga facilities and founded Pradaschier AG. At the same time, the Heimberg lift was sold to Rothornbahn and Scalottas AG.


Lenzerheide Bergbahnen Danis Stätz AG

Merger of Sportbahnen Danis AG and Stätzerhorn Skilifte AG to form Lenzerheide Bergbahnen Danis Stätz AG.


Further fusion

Fusion of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen Danis Stätz AG and Rothornbahn & Scalottas AG to form Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG. The new company is one of the larger resort lifts in Graubünden.

Gondelbahn Rothorn im Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide

New construction of Rothorn 1 gondola lift

The Rothorn 1 gondola lift is being rebuilt and opened as a modern 8-seater gondola. The journey time from the valley station to the top station is now around four minutes.

urdenbahn-sommer-2.jpg | © Arosa Lenzerheide

Arosa Lenzerheide

The two ski areas of Lenzerheide and Arosa are linked together. The result is the largest connected ski area in Graubünden. With 225 kilometres of pistes, Arosa Lenzerheide is among the top 10 in Switzerland.

Bergrestaurant Scharmoin in Lenzerheide am Abend | © Ralph Feiner

New construction of the Scharmoin mountain restaurant

The Scharmoin mountain restaurant is being completely rebuilt. The highlight: the sun terrace.

New construction of chairlifts Heimberg-Motta and Motta-Urdenfürggli

The two chairlifts are being rebuilt.

Pendelbahn Rothorn 2 | © Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG

Renewal of the control system and cabins of the Rothorn 2 aerial tramway

New construction of the Churwalden-Heidbüel gondola lift

Opening of east-west connection with chairlift Obertor


New construction Motta Hut

Weisshorn Speed | © Nicole Trucksess

Start summer operation

Start of summer operation, concession extension and renewal of the Weisshorn Speed chairlift.


Concession renewal

Extension of the concession and renewal of the control system for the Chumascheals chairlift and extension of the concession and renewal of the control system for the Lavoz chairlift.

Gondelbahn Canols der Lenzerheide Bergbahnen im Sommer

Capacity increase

Capacity increase Rothorn 1 gondola lift


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