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Arosa Bergbahnen AG

Transporting a guest from the bottom station to the peak station is one thing, but giving him a good feeling, providing an excellent experience and at the same time exceeding his expectations throughout the whole day, that is a whole different story. With almost 60 employees, apprentices and interns and 40 seasonal workers during the summer and 240 seasonal workers during the winter the Arosa Bergbahnen AG is one of the most important employers of the region.

Board of Directors

abb-vr-lorenzo-schmid.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Lorenzo «Lolo» Schmid
Arosa Bergbahnen AG
P +41 81 378 84 22
abb-vr-adi-altmann.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Adi Altmann
P +41 79 611 02 52
abb-vr-christian-laesser.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Christian Laesser
St. Gallen
abb-vr-ludwig-waidacher-jun.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Ludwig Waidacher jun.
abb-vr-markus-luetscher.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Markus Lütscher
abb-vr-peter_bircher.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Peter Bircher
abb-vr-werner-c-weber.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Werner C. Weber
Pascal Jenny
Götz Bechtolsheimer
Barbara Janom Steiner
Andrea Thür-Suter

Executive Board

abb-philipp-holenstein.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Philipp Holenstein
Reto Wyss
Head of Guest Relations/Marketing/Events
abb-andreas-sturzenegger.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Andreas Sturzenegger
Head of Engineering
abb-walter-tschanz.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Walter Tschanz
Head of Slopes/Rescue
abb-marc-gisler.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Marc Gisler
Head of Facility Management
Bettina Bass
Head of Administration


(Verwaltung, Human Resources, Finanzen)

Corinne Arnold
Assistant Human Resources
abb-seraina-valaer.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Seraina Valär
Assistant Executive Board
abb-bianca-weissenfeld.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Bianca Keller
Assistant Food & Beverage and Accommodation
Björn Bächinger
Assistant Food & Beverage, HR, Finance

Guest Relations / Marketing / Events

Naila Michael
Team Leader Sales and Information
abb-adrian-jankovski.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Manuela Zanini
Deputy Team Leader Sales and Information
abb-nicole-hemmi.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Nicole Riso
Product Manager Bike Arosa
P +41 81 378 70 32
Sarina Ackermann
Content Manager Print/Online
Stephanie Heinl
Content Manager Print/Online
Geraldine Stucki
Content Manager Print/Online

Food & Beverage / Accommodation

abb-adrian-jankovski.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Adrian Jankovski
Operations Manager 360° Panoramic Restaurant Weisshorngipfel
Ronja Fehr
Operations Manager Restaurant Tschuggenhütte
Peter Miess-Meszaros
Operations Manager Restaurant Brüggerstuba
abb-markus-stoetzer.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Markus Stötzer
Operations Manager Arosa Mountain Lodge
Raphael Frei
Head of Kitchen Development Team


abb-christian-rüttimann.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Christian Rüttimann
Deputy Head of Engineering
abb-fredi-kamer.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Fredi Kamer
Facility Manager Hörnli-Express
abb-meinrad-moser.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Meinrad Moser
Facility Manager Arosa-Weisshorn cable car
abb-chris-haupert.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Chris Haupert
Facility Manager Urdenbahn
abb-matthias-baumann.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Matthias Baumann
Facility Manager Arosa-Weisshorn cable car
Reto Bezzola
Assistant Arosa-Weisshorn cable car
P +41 81 378 84 22
Thomas Keller
Facility Manager Hörnli-Express
Jürg Anhorn
Assistant Arosa Hörnli-Express
Eduard Bürgler
Staff Hörnli-Express
P +41 81 378 84 22
abb-edgar-herger.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Edgar Herger
Facility Manager Brüggerhorn/Locksmith
abb-sven-holliger.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Sven Holliger
Facility Manager Chairlift Tschuggen Ost/Kulm cable car
Michael Brack
Facility Manager Skilift
Thomas Studer
Facility Manager Chairlifts Plattenhorn/Carmenna
Christoph Schaller
Facility Manager Chairlifts Plattenhorn/Carmenna
abb-fabian-zihlmann.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Fabian Zihlmann
Operating Electrician

Slopes / Rescue

abb-michael-briker.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Michael Briker
Team Leader Snowmaking
abb-fritz-tschanz.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Fritz Tschanz
Slope/Rescue Service, Construction Group
P +41 81 378 84 22
Simon Epp
Slope/Rescue Service, Construction Group
P +41 81 378 84 22
abb-werner-pircher.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Werner Pircher
Slope/Rescue Service, Construction Group
P +41 81 378 84 22
abb-hannes-seeger.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Hannes Seeger
Slope/Rescue Service, Construction Group
P +41 81 378 84 22
abb-yves.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Yves Biland
Team Leader Workshop
P +41 81 378 84 26
abb-enzo-zompa.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Enzo Zompa
Construction Group/Tschuggenhütte Grill
P +41 81 378 84 22
Matthias Sütterlin
Construction Group, snowmaking
P +41 81 378 84 22

Facility Management

Richard Schilter
Janitor Employee Buildings, Carpenter
abb-nenad-ilic.jpg | © Arosa Bergbahnen AG
Nenad Ilic
Janitor Employee Administration, sun terrace
P +41 81 378 84 22

Apprentices / Interns

Mauro Trepp
Chairlift Mechatronics Engineer Trainee
Mia Hofstetter
Commercial Trainee
Niclas Körner
Chairlift Mechatronics Engineer Trainee

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