Using our resources carefully and efficiently

Water – and therefore snow – is our most important resource. As the first ski destination in Switzerland, Arosa Lenzerheide introduced a GPS-controlled system to measure snow depth several years ago. This not only makes it possible to efficiently use the existing (natural) snow, but also to optimally plan how much artificial snow has to be made. This saves water while at the same time improves the quality of the slopes.
Cartoon Nachhaltigkeit-Wasser im Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide

Water-conserving taps

Swiss Eco Line

We have installed Swiss Eco Line water-conserving taps in various restaurants as well as at the valley and mountain stations of the Heidbüel panorama cable car. These taps boast a special faucet which reduces water consumption by 90% compared to regular taps. These taps also do without hot water preparation, which reduces the energy requirement to zero. The spray technique that is applied means that the cold water feels pleasant while also ensuring a feeling of absolute cleanliness when washing your hands.

Cartoon Nachhaltigkeit-Schneehöhenmanagement im Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide

Snow depth management


GPS-controlled devices in the snow groomers provide us with exact data on the current snow depths in the snow sports area. This helps us to act efficiently and in a resource-saving manner, both in terms of snowmaking and piste preparation. 

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