An accident? What now?

Safety on and beside the slopes

If you witness an accident on the slopes, please betake to the closest lift station and alert a staff member or call the emergency number. Please try to give information about the location of the accident, the injuries etc. as accurately as possible. Be aware that search and rescue operations are with costs and at the expense of the responsible person. 

Emergency numbers (SOS office): 144

Provide precise information
1. WHERE did it happen?
2. WHAT happened?
3. HOW MANY are injured?
4. WHAT KIND of injuries?
5. WAIT for possible inquiries!

Saftey on and beside the slopes

Please inform yourself in advance about the current level of avalanche risk and the 10 FIS rules and behave and act accordingly. We wish you a pleasant and accident-free snow sports day in Arosa Lenzerheide.

Levels of avalanche risks

1  low
Generally favourable conditions. Ski extremely steep slopes one at a time. Avoid fresh snow drifts. Be aware of the danger of falling.

2  moderate
Mostly favourable conditions. Cautious route choice. Avoid all extremely steep slopes of the exposures and altitudes indicated in the bulletin as well as fresh drift snow accumulations. Ski very steep slopes carefully and individually.

3  considerable
The avalanche danger light flashes. Critical situation. Experience in avalanche assessment is required; optimal route choice is necessary. Avoid very steep slopes. Be aware of the danger of remote triggering. Be careful when crossing or descending unfamiliar terrain.

4  high
The avalanche danger light flashes. Unfavourable conditions. Acute situation, possibly also endangering connecting paths. Much experience in avalanche assessment required. Restriction to moderately steep terrain.

5  very high
The avalanche danger light flashes. Very unfavourable conditions, catastrophic situation: parts of the village endangered, possible evacuation. It is recommended to refrain from ski tours.


10 FIS rules
Consideration while practising snow sports and adapted speed are the top priorities to not endanger yourself and others. That is the only way to avoid accidents.

Do you know the 10 FIS rules?
  1. Do not endanger or harm others.
  2. Control speed level, manner to personal abilities and prevailing conditions.
  3. Respect the route of the rider ahead.
  4. Take over other riders with sufficient space.
  5. Before starting always take a look up and down.
  6. Only stop at the side lines of the piste and at clearly visible locations.
  7. Only climb or descend on foot along the side lines of the piste.
  8. Pay attention to indications and respect the signs.
  9. Assist in case of accidents and alert the emergency rescue service.
  10. Witnesses and people involved in accidents must provide personal details.
Information of the rescue service

The ski and rescue service supervises and controls only the marked and open slopes. Outside the lift operating hours, the ski slopes are closed and are not protected against any hazards such as avalanches and snow groomers with cable winches. During the evening events arranged by Arosa and Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG, the prescribed routes must not be left. It is not allowed to enter forest protection zones. The slopes are marked on both sides at the edge. In case of reckless behaviour (in particular disregard of FIS rules, signals, directives and barriers as well as endangering of third persons) the snow sports ticket can be withdrawn.

Avalanche shooting

The slopes and rescue services of Arosa and Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG carry out hand-, helicopter-, rock-pipe- and gazex- explosions within the snow-sports region during the winter to secure the ski slopes, footpaths and transport facilities. The instructions of the ski and rescue service must be followed strictly. Any responsibility for accidents resulting from the disregard of the safety precautions is rejected.