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Mission Statement

Arosa Bergbahnen AG

Our mindset and actions are shaped by two complementary objectives: on one hand it is our duty to maintain the hospitality spirit of our company and on the other hand it is key to guarantee the newest technical innovations and highest security standards. This combination of traditional hospitality and technical progress is beneficial for the whole Arosa tourist destination as well as the value of our company.

The proximity to nature inevitably leads to an environmentally friendly mindset – also in our company. We do not act as a sole economic cooperation but rather as a part of a whole tourism concept. Subsequently we are fully committed to transforming visions into reality. This is also why we strongly supported the connection between the two destinations Arosa and Lenzerheide – a further step to ensure the future of the region.

The foundation of the Arosa Bergbahnen AG in 1930, when the health resort Arosa transformed into a sports destination, was the work of the Arosa tourism company. The village, the tourist office, hoteliers and businesses were all part at the subscription of shares. The shareholder structure established back then was mostly kept the same way over the last 75 years.

There was not a single person or a family clan who owned the company but rather a number of shareholders who were interested in well-run calbe cars, slopes and gastronomic offers. Furthermore, the Arosa Bergbahnen feels obliged to ensure a sustainable development and a stable increase in value. The success of the company shows us that we are on the right track. Our management structure with a strict separation of the strategic direction and operational management is among other criteria responsible for the financial success. It enables the company to perfectly adjust strategic and investment decisions.

Another part of our business policy is the expansion of the income base by diversification – for example in the gastronomic and accommodation sector – as well as the preservation of the maximum on independence. Therefore all facilities are in sole possession of the shareholders. This gives us the freedom to make independent decisions without any external influence.

If you deliberately destroy your resources you automatically endanger your livelihood. The Arosa Bergbahnen AG is well aware of its responsibility to maintain the mountain world and therefore pursues the concerns of a reasonable balance between nature, leisure time and culture. Thanks to the tourism industry the income can be re-invested in the preservation and care taking of nature and its environment.

We carefully plan constructions and operations of our facilities or gastronomic services in accordance with the environment. Snow sports and hiking holidays are one of few possibilities to experience nature up close especially for people living in cities. We consider it our duty to enable access to nature for everyone thanks to a perfect touristic infrastructure. Along with the ecological point of view it is also essential to consider all economic aspects.

Every year the Arosa Bergbahnen AG is responsible for over 600,000 guests. This is a huge challenge since the comfort and safety requirements are constantly rising. Through continuous improvements and regular investments in our transportation facilities we avoid stagnancy and our guests feel that they are in good hands. We would like to give this impression everywhere we are in contact with our clients: be at the ticket office, the gondola or in one of our restaurants.

We regularly conduct surveys to ensure the best quality of our facilities and the satisfaction of our guests. Last but not least, we do our best to provide positive memories for all our Arosa guests: with many national and international events such as World Cups, night skiing and many other happenings on the mountains, we try to create unforgettable holiday experiences.

Transporting a guest from the bottom station to the peak station is one thing, but giving him a good feeling is a whole different story.

In our eyes it is the friendliness and competence of our employees that make the key difference. Every employee should identify himself with the company and be proud to work for Arosa Bergbahnen AG, not least because we are one of the most important employers of the region and secure jobs for the future. The biggest motivation for the almost 240 seasonal workers and 60 employees is not just to meet guests expectations, but to exceed their expectations. In order to fulfill this commitment we support and properly educate our employees and emphasize on a long retention of employees. This not only guarantees a strong company-employee relationship but also ensures high safety standards for our guests.

The quality of our employees is constantly confirmed in our guest surveys. To maintain this high standard we created an employee development programme which emphasizes on a strong team spirit and bond among employees.

Quality is our supreme corporate objective. It ensures the return of guests and supports the image of the whole holiday region. Since we are very well aware of the importance of quality we developed a staff position solely responsible for quality management. Our independence also ensures a strong demand for high standards – not only the cable car facilities belong to our company, but also the slope and rescue services, the cable car stations and numerous gastronomic operations close to the cable cars are part of the Arosa Bergbahnen AG.

Our strategy of independence allows us to build a quality network which takes into account every single detail within the cable car operation. Regular staff training is highly valued also from an external point of view. The Arosa Bergbahnen AG was awarded the Swiss Tourism Quality Label Level 2.

We are open for any new ideas and ask our employees to always make improvement suggestions. 

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