Covid-19: Information & Protective Measures

Mountain Railways Arosa Lenzerheide Winter 2020/21

Dear Arosa guests, locals and dear service providers,

We look forward to welcoming you in Arosa Lenzerheide. During the following winter season, you will have access to the full range of transport facilities, slopes and other infrastructure. We are convinced that you will find sufficient safety distance in our winter sports area, so that you can spend beautiful and relaxing winter sports days. New instructions and findings will be continuously implemented:
Latest information

8 February 2021

Arosa Lenzerheide is part of the Covid-19 tests in Graubünden. In this way we take responsibility for our guests and our employees.

The mountain railways in Arosa and Lenzerheide have clearly spoken out favouring the Covid-19 tests. It is important to us to make a contribution so that our guests and employees can spend safe snow sports days in Arosa Lenzerheide.

During the next few weeks, our employees will be voluntarily and regularly tested for Covid-19. Infected, asymptomatic persons can thus be isolated earlier and protect others.

Label Arosa Lenzerheide certified

Arosa Lenzerheide certified companies

In both destinations Arosa and Lenzerheide it is of great importance to protect guests and employees as much as possible from Covid-19. To achieve this goal, the holiday region has set up a specific protection label.

The «Arosa Lenzerheide certified» label shows which establishments have committed themselves to special protection measurements against the coronavirus.

The mountain railways Arosa Lenzerheide participate in the Covid-19 tests in the canton of Graubünden. Our employees voluntarily and regularly have themselves tested for Covid-19.

We wish you a great and safe stay in Arosa Lenzerheide!

Guidelines for your safe visit in Arosa Lenzerheide

What does the winter sports operation look like?

Limitation number of guests

The number of guests on the mountain is limited to 70% of a peak day from 24 December 2020 until further notice. On days with very high guest volumes, ticket sales may be discontinued.

Guests with an annual or season pass, hotel guests in a season pass cooperation hotel model and guests with an already purchased ticket (online or offline) will have unrestricted access. We recommend booking your ticket online well in advance of your arrival. Single trips for pedestrians are not affected by the limitation.

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Face Coverings are mandatory

In all mountain railways (gondola lifts, aerial tramways, chairlifts, skilifts), in all enclosed spaces as well as in the restaurants and hotels there is an obligation to wear a face cover for persons over 12 years of age.

The following models of face coverings are permitted and recommended for transport on the mountain railways.

Certified mouth and nose protection must also be worn in the queuing areas outside.

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Capacity in our mountain railways

Most of the mountain railways in Arosa Lenzerheide are out in the fresh air. This also applies to many entry points. For the closed mountain railways, we will operate according to demand to reduce the risks.

In all closed facilities (gondola lifts, aerial tramways) a capacity restriction of 2/3 of the maximum number of places applies. 

Under the claim «Good Morning Arosa», the Arosa mountain railways decided to put the Tschuggen Ost chairlift, the Kulm gondola, the Tomeli skilift and the Brüggerhorn chairlift into operation as early as 8.20am.


Free from symptoms

By entering the Arosa Lenzerheide snow sports area and passing through the turnstile guests confirm that they are healthy and do not show any Covid-19 symptoms.

Guests with Covid-19 symptoms are not allowed to enter the snow sports area.


Reference from the snow sports area

Guests who do not comply with the requirements of the FOPH and the Arosa Lenzerheide snow sports area will be expelled from the snow sports area.

Example: If you do not wear a face-covering during your stay, our personnel will expulse you from the snow sports area.

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Buy tickets online & pay cashless

Your advantages when buying online:

  • When you load directly onto a keycard or your SwissPass, you do not lose any time while waiting in line at our sales outlets.
  • You benefit from lower ticket prices.
  • Guests staying at the hotels have the opportunity to pick up their online tickets.

We ask you to pay cashless whenever possible.

Parking: Please use the following payment solutions while parking in Arosa & Lenzerheide: TWINT QR Code, ParkingPay, EasyPark, SeppApp

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Pandemic insurance

  • Our annual and season tickets as well as all tickets purchased online have a pandemic insurance which comes into effect if the entire area of validity of the ticket is affected by official instructions.
  • You can find more information in the FAQ.

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The employees of the Arosa Lenzerheide railways are trained in the protective measures and sensitised to the topic.

All employees of the mountain railways wear a certified face covering.

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Mountain restaurants

The closure of all catering establishments has been extended until 30 April 2021. In Arosa Lenzerheide you can continue to enjoy our take-away offers:

A list of take away offers in the mountain restaurants can be found here..

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Carry out cleaning and disinfection measures

We ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of toilets, often touched surfaces in buildings and transport systems, especially contact surfaces such as handrails, handles and shelves.

  • Our guests and employees cough and sneeze into a handkerchief or the crook of their arm.
  • We professionally dispose of our used face coverings in the waste. We wash our face coverings daily.

General protective measures
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Wash your hands thoroughly

Hand hygiene is even more important this winter:

  • Guests and employees wash their hands thoroughly several times a day.
  • Whenever possible, we refrain from shaking hands and smile charmingly at our counterpart during your stay on the mountain.
  • Furthermore, we recommend the use of the generously provided hand disinfectants.

Arosa Lenzerheide | © So schützen wir uns in Arosa Lenzerheide

Keep distance

You can become infected with the new coronavirus if you have close and prolonged contact with an infected person. By keeping the necessary distance (1.5 metres), you protect yourself and others from infection:

  • Keep distance to the people in front and behind you when you are queuing
  • Protect particularly endangered persons in your environment by keeping a distance
  • In restaurants, guests may only take off the mask when seated at a table.

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Show self-responsibility

Please show personal responsibility and protect the health of your fellow human beings. Install and activate the Swiss Covid-APP and thereby help to optimise «contact tracing».

Respect our health and hygiene guidelines and enjoy your winter sports days in Arosa Lenzerheide.

Please use the waste bins provided for the disposal of single-use masks.

Face Coverings

What kind of face coverings are permitted for transport on the mountain railways?

Hygienic mask / medical face mask (surgical mask, surgical mask)
When used correctly, such masks protect other people from infection.  The masks are permissible.

Industrially manufactured textile mask (community mask)
When used correctly, such masks protect other people from infection. The Swiss Nation COVID-19 Science Task Force has drawn up a recommendation which such textile masks must comply with. The masks according to this standard are permitted.

Respiratory protection mask (Filtering face piece (FFP) or FFFP2 / FFFP3 mask)
These masks protect the wearer from solid and liquid particles and aerosols. Such masks are available to medical personnel for their work. These masks are permitted, but are not recommended by the FOPH for private use.

Other masks (self-sewn mask, do-it-yourself mask, etc.)
Such masks do not provide reliable protection. These types of masks are NOT allowed.

Scarf, cloth, visors
Scarves or shawls do not provide sufficient protection against infection and have only a limited foreign protective effect. They do not replace a mask. Visors protect the eyes from possible infection by droplets, but infection via the mouth or nose cannot be ruled out.

Balaclavas protect against the cold on the ski slope. They do not provide sufficient protection against infection and have only a limited protective effect. They do not replace a mask. These types of masks are NOT allowed.


No. With the annual or season ticket or a ticket purchased online there is always access and the tickets already sold have priority. When the limit is reached, further sales will be stopped. In this case, only the pickup of a ticket previously booked online can take place at the ticket offices.

Yes, there is a risk especially on peak days with usually very high occupancy. If you want to be sure, we recommend you to book your ski ticket online in advance well in advance. In some hotels you can also buy the ticket in advance.

If your hotel works in a special cooperation model with us, you will also have tickets available there. The following hotels are included: Arosa Vetter Hotel, Blatter's Arosa Hotel, Hotel Hohe Promenade, Hotel Prätschli, Robinson Club Arosa, Sunstar Hotel Arosa, Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Hotel Dieschen, Maiensässhotel GuardaVal, Berghotel Tgantieni, Valbella Resort, Arosa Mountain Lodge.

There is no restriction on single tickets for pedestrians.

You can find out which kind of face coverings are permitted for transport on the mountain railways here.

Certified «Arosa Lenzerheide» are again available in a limited quantity.

Various models are also available in the local sports shops. The following models of face-coverings are permitted and recommended for transport on the mountain railways.

The sustainably produced mask scarf has cult potential. It has been tested in Switzerland by the independent test institute SQTS and complies with the recommendations of the Swiss National Covid Science Task Force (FOPH). The particle retention capacity (filtration of aerosols that are exhaled) is excellent at 95%. The mask is breathable, water-repellent and washable. In addition, the mask is coated with the Swiss technology «HeiQ Viroblock» to protect wearers from Covid viruses as well as other viruses and bacteria. You can find concrete test results and current statements from the renowned, accredited test laboratory Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS), which is recommended by the Federal Office of Public Health and approved for such tests, here.

The protection is also given after 30 washes, as you can see from the report of the test laboratory here.

Guests with a medical certificate will only be transported on individual journeys as pedestrians. Transport in large gondolas is excluded. The certificate must be presented to the railway staff without being asked.

If the days cannot be used because the entire ski area had to be closed due to official orders, the days in question will be reimbursed.

If the journey is not possible due to an official order, the refund policy for ski tickets is also applied. The guest must provide evidence of the impossibility of arrival due to official orders in a comprehensible manner (e.g. publication of the authority on its website as a screenshot). A compulsory quarantine of more than 5 days on entry into Switzerland or on return is also considered an official ban. A purely official recommendation is not considered an order.

Should there be another pandemic and an official order to close the entire ski area, you will be covered as follows during the 2020/21 season

Paid price x days lost due to pandemic/epidemic
260 Operating days

The entire area of validity of the annual pass must be affected by the closure. The days lost count from 260 operating days as a result of the order. Days lost as a result of the date of purchase are not included in the calculation. The refund will be issued in the form of a set-off against the purchase of the next annual pass or as a voucher.

The regulation applies to the TOPCARD and the Arosa Lenzerheide local annual season ticket valid from 2020/21. A similar regulation applies to the graubündenCard, considering the higher number of operating days. You can find more information here.


We do everything we can to make you feel safe and comfortable with us. The safety and health of our guests, employees and the public are our top priority. And we would like to thank you in advance for your support in implementing the protective measures.


Find out more about the current situation in the two destinations Arosa and Lenzerheide, as well as further information on the protection of our guests. We look forward to welcoming you soon in Arosa Lenzerheide!