21 December 2022

Further openings from Saturday, 24 December 2022

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The Arosa Lenzerheide ski area can open more lifts and pistes despite warmer temperatures again. The previously closed connection between the Scalottas/Lavoz area and Stätzertäli will be able to be opened on one side towards Stätzertäli on Saturday. From Sunday, the west side will be connected on both sides.

Due to the high temperatures and the dry ground from the summer, some pistes and lifts remain closed. Despite these circumstances and thanks to additional great efforts, the ski area is able to open further pistes and ski lifts. The Lavoz-Stätz connection (No. 56, 56a) as well as the Tomeli, Ried, Tschuggen-West and Proschieri ski lifts can be opened in time for Christmas thanks to the efforts of the teams who shovel snow by hand onto the pistes and lift routes.

West side Lenzerheide: From Saturday the connection Lavoz-Stätzertäli is open. The connection from the Stätzerhorn chairlift to the Lavoz chairlift is only possible from Sunday. Until then, the free sports bus is available for the connection. Due to the snow situation, it is unfortunately not possible to open the Prätschli ski lift in Arosa. Guests from the Prätschli region can use the free local bus to travel to the valley station. 

The toboggan runs in the ski area (toboggan runs) cannot be opened yet. In the village of Arosa, the Prätschli-Scheitaböda-Obersee and Arosa Untersee-Litzirüti toboggan runs are open. Likewise, the winter hiking trails in the upper part of the ski area on the Arosa side and generally on the mountain on the Lenzerheide side remain closed. Pedestrians are welcome in the mountain restaurants.

The night sledding in Lenzerheide (LIGHT RIDE) on 28 December 2022 will not take place, as the sled run (toboggan run) will not yet be ready.

In Arosa, the "Good morning Arosa" programme starts next Saturday. This means that the Tschuggen Ost and Brüggerhorn chairlifts and the Tomeli ski lift will already be in operation from 8.20 am. The 1st and 2nd sections of the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car will be in operation from 9 a.m. each day. An exception is Sunday morning, when the Tschuggen Ost and Brüggerhorn chairlifts and the Tomeli ski lift as well as the 1st and 2nd sections of the Arosa Weisshorn aerial cableway will be in operation from 8.20 am.

As soon as further pistes and lifts can be opened, we will open them and mark them as open in the interactive piste plan. We will make a brief announcement in the event of important new openings.

Overview of open lifts and slopes:

The pistes and lifts that are already open can be seen on the interactive piste map. In addition, the following pistes and lifts will be open from Saturday:

Arosa resort lifts:

  • Ski lift Ried (from Friday, 23.12.2022)
  • Ski lift Tschuggen West (from Friday, 23.12.2022)
  • Ski lift Tomeli

Slopes Arosa:

  • Diamond Slope (No. 12) 
  • Beerenland (Kulmwiese)

Lenzerheide resort lifts:

  • Chairlift Tgantieni (new continuous)
  • Chairlift Scalottas
  • Ski lift Proschieri
  • Ski lift Crestas
  • Chairlift Stätzerhorn (from Sunday)
  • Ski lift Fastatsch (from Monday)

Slopes Lenzerheide:

Connection Lavoz - Stätzertäli:

  • Cresta (No. 65)
  • Lavoz/Stätz connection (No. 65a)
  • Stätz-Lavoz (No. 60)

Downhill Heimberg (from Thursday):

  • Heimberg (No. 25)

From Scalottas:

  • Plam da Bots (No. 42)
  • Nova shortcut (No. 50) 
  • Jammeri (No. 50a)
  • Mulde (No. 63)

Other offers:

  • Crestas (No. 46)
  • Fastatsch (from Monday)
  • Zipline Pradaschier

Gastronomy Lenzerheide:

  • Mountain Restaurant Piz Scalottas
  • June hut

Live information

Detailed information on the open mountain restaurants, winter hiking trails and all the facilities, pistes, snow parks and children's areas can be found in the winter sports report and on the interactive piste map at winter sport report.