29 November 2023

Open lifts from 2 December 2023

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Arosa Weisshorn 2. Sektion | © Arosa Lenzerheide
Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide | © Urban Engel
Arosa Weisshorn 2. Sektion | © Arosa Lenzerheide
Skigebiet Arosa Lenzerheide | © Urban Engel

Skiing operations in Arosa and Lenzerheide can start as planned. The offer from last weekend with Hörnli Arosa and Urdenfürggli Lenzerheide will be extended. In Arosa, for example, the Plattenhorn chairlift, the opening of slope 10 on the Weisshorn and many other slopes (see detailed overview) will be added to the offer. In Lenzerheide, an additional offer for beginners will be put into operation with the Fadail skilift. With regard to the Heimberg, Motta and Urdenfürggli chairlifts, work is underway to ensure that the descent via the Schluocht slope (no. 28a) can be put into operation. It is not possible to say at the moment whether this will be possible during the weekend.

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Lenzerheide Ost (Rothorn)
Lenzerheide West (Scalottas)
Resort lifts
  • GL Hörnli-Express
  • CL Hörnli
  • CL Plattenhorn
  • AT Urdenbahn
  • AT Arosa – Weisshorn (1. und 2. Sektion)
  • GL Kulm
  • CL Tschuggen West
  • CL Heimberg*
  • CL Motta
  • CL Urdenfürggli
  • AT Urdenbahn
  • SL Fadail
2, 5, 5a, 5b, 5c, 5d, 6, 6a, 9a, 10, 13, 13a, 14, 14a
20, 20a, 23a
Mountain restaurants
  • Hörnli Hütte
  • Panormarestaurant Weisshorn
  • Brüggerstuba
  • Carmenna Hütte
  • AlpArosa
  • SIT-Hütte (PRE-Opening)
  • KuhBar (only 2 December 2023, from 22 December 2023 throughout)
  • Motta Hütte
  • Kiosk at Heimberg
  • Restaurant Heimberg
  • Avant Clavo
  • Scuntrada

*Open as feeder facilities with valley conveying.
GL = Gondola lift, AT = Aerial tramway, CL = Chairlift, SL = Skilift

Further information Arosa
In addition to an already pleasingly wide range of pistes — thanks to the good temperature and weather conditions of the last few weeks - the stomach can also look forward to a wide range of gourmet treats. In addition to the two restaurants, Brüggerstuba and Weisshorn at the lift stations, the AlpArosa and the Carmenna hut with continuous operation and the SIT hut with a PRE-Opening (Saturday/Sunday) are also looking forward to many hungry and thirsty visitors. With the inauguration of the new KuhBar on Saturday, 2 December 2023, après-ski hearts can also beat faster for the first time. From 22 December 2023, après-ski in the KuhBar will be non-stop.

Further information Lenzerheide
The Avant Clavo restaurant is also easily accessible on skis from the Fadail skilift or a short walk away and is open all day. The Scuntrada restaurant, the Motta hut, the kiosk on the Heimberg and the Heimberg restaurant are also open. In the area near the Pedra Grossa chairlift, a burst pipe has delayed snow making work. Despite the pleasing amount of natural snow, there is still far too little snow in many areas to be able to open a slope. This is due to both the still small amount of natural snow and the drifts caused by last weekend's storm. Snow making is currently being concentrated in the areas for the planned expansions so that more high-quality slopes can be opened as soon as possible.

Over the coming days, work will continue on expanding the Ski Area according to the priorities that have been set (red → yellow → green). According to the forecasts for the next few days, the cool temperatures should allow good progress to be made on the expansion of the Ski Area.

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