767 Alteinsee Schiesshorn

This round tour combines the terms «wa-ter» and «mountain» and offers countless beautiful views on Arosa and its surround-ing. The trail passes the Altein waterfalls and the Altein lake before making a loop around the Schiesshorn mountain, includ-ing the possibility to climb to the peak.

The circumnavigation of one of Arosa’s most beautiful backyard mo untain offers a challenge and pleasure at the same time. The starting point is at the Arosa Sewage Plant (Abwasserreinigungsanlage - ARA) which can be reached by going down the valley, passing the Untersee lake. Once you have passed the first natural beauty, the Altein waterfalls, your physical condition will be tested at the relatively steep climb to the Altein lake. The Altein lake, located at the plateau of the Strela mountain range, offers an ideal resting place with views on the Schiesshorn mountain. When reaching the Scheisshorn Furgga further up, the peak appears to be within grasp. The return trail descends along the Furggatobel and across open meadows down to the valley, until it disappears in a fairytale-like forest. The starting point can be reached by continuing downwards and traversing the Isel, a clearing with bbq stations.