Bear Mountains Arosa

As part of the Bike Kingdom you will experience perfect biking holidays in the heart of Graubünden

While everyone talk-shops about carbon, spring deflections and wheel size, the versatile bike region Arosa keeps its focus on its long-established strengths. With lots of passion and the help of the diverse weather conditions our Grisons soil, stone and wood have formed wide-ranging trails for every biker to find his flow. Guests can expect routes for every riding level and style: from relaxed to sporty and from easy to challenging. Over 500 km of marked tours and more than 900 km GPS tours are waiting to be discovered by you.

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Trail rules

Mountain biking is also generally permitted on trails, provided that in individual cases an explicit prohibition is not indicated. In view of the increasing number of users and new user groups, we in the Grisons are of the opinion that this situation can be managed only through understanding and tolerance between the users.

Have you had a very unpleasant experience with reckless mountain users? Report it to our information offices. This helps us to identify the guilty parties or to identify particularly critical mountain stretches.

  1. Be considerate when crossing and overtaking hikers.
  2. Close gates and fences after passage.
  3. Protect what you yourself enjoy: intact nature, animals, plants and your good image.
  4. Do not brake with locked wheels.
  5. Do not leave any waste behind.
  6. Equip yourself well.
  7. Take responsibility.
  8. Plan your tour.
  9. Write down the emergency number 144

Fairtrail - a Grisons charm offensive

With the "Fairtrail" campaign, the canton is now promoting tolerance and a relaxed coexistence of bikers and hikers on Graubünden's hiking paths and trails. The charm offensive does not need to point fingers. Fairtrail relies on likeable self-irony and a good dose of Graubünden humour. Hiking and biking are becoming more and more important, and not just in Graubünden's summer tourist offer. Hiking and biking are also among the most popular summer leisure activities among the local population. It's no wonder, then, that some paths are so heavily
that hikers and bikers occasionally get in each other's way. And this despite the huge network of trails with 11 000 kilometres of signposted hiking trails and over 100 signposted biking routes.

Separating them with separate paths is not always possible. Extensive new construction cannot be the solution everywhere, if only for nature conservation reasons. As in other areas of life, where tight spaces and density stress occasionally lead to conflicts, tolerance and consideration are needed for peaceful coexistence on Graubünden's trails. This is what Fairtrail stands for.


Dealing with animals & suckler cows in the Arosa-Schanfigg region

If you encounter animals on your bike tour, it is important to know how you behave. This is especially important with suckler cows and guard dogs to keep the animals undisturbed. Cow mothers protect their calves - so keep your distance. 

On the following Alps, in and around Arosa, suckler cows spend the summer with their calves: 

  • Arosa Alp Urden (hiking trail Hörnli - Urdensee - Tschiertschen)
  • Langwies Alp Medergen, Alp Tschuggen, Alp Haupt (Sapün), Alp Reckholdern (Fondei), Alp Blackten (Fondei)

In order to avoid unnecessary accidents, certain rules of conduct must be observed when crossing alpine pastures with suckler cows. The following measures are taken by alpine dairymen: Bikers are warned of danger with the familiar green warning signs. The warning signs are placed along the official hiking trails. Rules of conduct: Keep away from cattle - never touch calves - keep dogs on a leash and let go in an emergency. Please also note that suckler cows can be found in the Alps until the end of September. The keeping of suckler cows is a beautiful and species-appropriate form of keeping, in which social contacts between the animals are possible again.

You can find more information on suckler cow culture, warning signs and guard dogs in the following PDF:

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